The Legacy

Edmund is known as any other orphan in the country known as Macnes, the leading country in their world. I note that some things might be very confusing, but bear with me.


10. Important! Please read!



Sorry guys and girls. I am taking a break on this story and am going to try and finish my other story, Cienna Morgan.

Please read this story if you enjoy The Legacy. It is another story of mine. Once I am finished with Cienna Morgan, I will be trying to finish up this story and go on with another book. Already have it planned, but please be nice.

I might write some more on this every now and then but, oh well. If you really like this story, please do so.

And I am thankful that more than 800 people have read this all over the world!

I truthfully had my doubts, but it worked out in the end.

So thanks, but this is not the end.



See you in Cienna Morgan!


------Audrey Lynn Belles------

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