The Legacy

Edmund is known as any other orphan in the country known as Macnes, the leading country in their world. I note that some things might be very confusing, but bear with me.


3. I Start School

I quickly got up and dressed out of instinct as I then looked at the clock on the wall and it said 6:45, still leaving me at least an hour left before school.

Then I remembered that we had to wear uniforms, and I quickly got out of those clothes and loomed in my closet at the uniforms on the hangers.

I quickly slipped into my uniform as I went down the stairs to the dining hall, seeing Charlotte and Brad t the table.

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I sat down in the chair I sat in last time and the servants came in with my food and utensils, making sure I had everything for school as they walked away.

”I hope you are ecstatic for your first day, Edmund. You will be in the same classes as Lucian and Lucas. Your schedule should already be in your bag, along with the supplies, ” she said as K quickly ate a piece of that and looked at the clock on the wall.

Time surely goes by fast here, because it is already 7:50.

”OK kids, come on or else you will be late for school. No excuses this time.” Brad looked back towards me and held out his hand for me to take after I grabbed my bag and walked outside with him to a magical cab, and opened my door for me.

I quickly thanked him and stepped in to the cab as the others hustled in.

As we came closer to the school, I felt as if I might actually fit in at this school.





As I walked through the gates, my new siblings.left me alone as I grabbed a map from my bag and headed to the headmaster’s office.

”Come in, ” I heard somebody yell from the other side of the door as I knocked on it three times and opened the door.

As I stepped into the office, I felt a need to move aside and quickly did so, a dagger.just centimeters from my face.

On quick instinct, I grabbed the dagger out of the wall and quickly dropped it on the headmaster’s desk.

”Hello. You must be Edmund Hamilton, am I correct?” I nodded my head.and he said, ” You will be missing half of your lessons for today, so I can explain what this school is truly about.

”This is a place for people with great potential, both magical and physical potential. Magnus Prep. helps train students for the future they will have to face, and any upcoming wars. You van say that we like to test people on their strength and ability to not be easily broken. I am Headmaster Solen, and I will be explaining the basics of Magnus Prep.”

He taught me all I needed to know until it was after lunch since we both enjoyed each other company and then he sent me off to my first class, combat.

As I quickly picked out a weapon that didn't really balance right in my hand, I stepped out into the combat area and saw Lucian and Lucas waiting for me.

”Hey Edmund, want to practice with each other?” Lucas asked as I carefully tried to balance the sword in my hand.

”Why don't you use a dagger?” asks Lucien as he hands we a metal dagger with the engravings of waves in them.

I quickly put it into my hand and it still felt unbalanced, but not as much as the sword.

Without me knowing, they quickly stabbed me on both sides when I quickly jumped back and got into a fighting stance.

They both came at me when I felt like my body was being controlled by something else as I heard a voice say, ’Let’s show these petty mortals who they are messing with. Let us see, ’ I then quickly felt myself being stuck inside my mind as I still watched through my eyes at what was happening.

My grip changed on the dagger and the dagger bent by our will as I quickly dodged one of Lucian’s attacks and sliced Lucas’ wrist and could smell the metallic taste of blood drift by my nose.

I quickly took down Lucien and then looked at the other students that were fighting, which now stared at me. I heard the be ring and thankfully the thing that took over my body let me have control again.

The rest of the day carried out fine until I got home and Lucas and Lucien ran towards Charlotte’s office and told her what happened at school as I ran up the stairs to do my homework.

When I was done I changed out of my uniform and changed into some other clothes that let you move around more freely.

I quickly opened the door to my balcony as I saw a chair sitting by the edge, I took a year and heard the voice in my head again say, ’Well, homework was boring. Why don't we go sword fight with some other people?’

’Who are you, ’ I asked inside my head when the voice said, ’ I am Joshua. I am a spirit that resides in your body and helps you battle and use war strategy. I might take over sometimes, but that is normal for me too.’

I mentally nodded my head and herd a knock at the door and it opened.

” Supper is ready for you downstairs.”

I quickly got out of my chair and followed the maid down the stairs.

As I sat down Charlotte asked, ”Lucien and. Lucas told me that you beet them in combat class today. Did you?”

I nodded my head slowly and waited to be yelled at when she said, ” Good job Edmund. Keep up the nice work and don't disappoint us.” I nodded my head again and slowly got up from my seat and walked to my room, quickly making sure my homework was in my bag and took a shower then went to bed.

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