The Legacy

Edmund is known as any other orphan in the country known as Macnes, the leading country in their world. I note that some things might be very confusing, but bear with me.


6. I Reconsider Being With This Family

I slowly woke up as I felt unsettled once again and quickly got changed into armor for my class with Brad today, considering Carl probably didn't want to do it.


I watched as another letter floated through my window, before my handwritten homework I had to usually do.


I examined the paper closely.


Hello, Edmund "Hamilton". I write to you once again to inform you that you are welcomed to join us at any point or time given the role you have in our country and groups existence.


We only know of you from a seer. She has the abilities to see a line attach itself to a person, and she saw the letter that I am writing as I put this down, connected to your rooms window.


I have undercover workers there, watching your every move. They will not harm you in a decisions that you make at this day of age.


But, if you come to regret living with the Hamilton family and think your better off dead, just go to the Fernandez Castle in Southern Macnes.


I hope to meet you soon on good terms




And with that, he looked on the back of the letter.


P.S: The monsters you defeated yesterday were not sent by us, but by an evil for of ours.


He looked at the corner of the note and saw a small smudge on it, and tried to wipe it off when he noticed he couldn't.


He grabbed a magnifying glass and focused on the smudge on the corner of the paper, noticing a small tornado that made him feel comfortable for a reason.


He put the paper in his desk drawer and went down the steps, skipping breakfast and going to Physical Education, summoning his sword when he got to the entrance and slipped in, finding Brad and Charlotte having an argument in the middle of the room while Carl had his back turned to him, observing the fight the two adults were having.


Edmund decided to listen in on the argument like Carl and stood by the doorway.


" I am telling you, Char, that boy is no normal human! Did you see him fighting those monsters yesterday? He had this weird glow that no normal people could possibly see, and you know it," Brad yelled at Charlotte.


I watched as she yelled back," Isn't that the reason we adopted him, Brad? We adopted him so we could help the king out more by sending him out to his own death when he grows older, just so he could kill or be killed! Why do we even have to argue with you, you-"


I cleared my throat when Charlotte was about to say some choice words I think I would regret hearing.


They all slowly looked over to me as they saw the black bags under my eyes, and I yawned when Carl drew his bow and shot an arrow at me.


I dodged the arrow as I continued the long yawn that emanated from my mouth and body, and threw a dagger at Bras while he was still looking at Charlotte like he was going to murder her, when the dagger hit his thigh.


I almost laughed at how idiotic he could be sometimes as he held back a scream and threw the dagger back at me, pulling it out of his leg.


I somehow ended up right beside him and gave Charlotte a warning look as I tackled Brad to the ground and watched as the blood kept oozing out, feeding a hunger I didn't know I had.


I suddenly felt my body being slightly controlled by something and slowly sliced into Brad's neck, but took control almost immediately and backed up from him as to not have any ideas on what to do.


I turned around and marched out of the room, suddenly remembering the letter that The Argonauts sent me just an hour ago, and fetched it as I started packing a bag just in case of anything else showing me no love and basically yelling that they were using me.


I remembered the work I had and became interested in my spell book.


I flipped to my lesson and learned a certain spell that would help me to retrieve anything that I needed, from a distance depending on how powerful you are.


I whispered the spell in my mind and saw my bag suddenly appear in my hand.


Very useful!




It was around the afternoon when I was sent to lunch and joined them, knowing that they didn't usually send someone to lunch.


I sat down and said," Now what?"


" We will be having guest later this evening for supper and I would like you to be polite to him and to dress properly," Charlotte said. I nodded in response and went back up the stairs, loosing my appetite.



A/N: I am so sorry that I haven't been updating recently. I am having troubles with my other story and trying to get some of you guys to tell me a parent that is more powerful than a gods and has part in Greek,Roman, or Norse mythology.


I really need your help.


Love you!

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