I'm not sure what it needs

This is something close to a collection of poems that I composed while trying to fall asleep, meaning that not only are they extremely personal, there is also a pretty decent chance that you will encounter grammatical errors. Please write to me if you find any so I can correct them, hope you find this mess somewhat enjoyable.


1. Sleep

I don't like sleep, I know how weird that may seem.

But when I lay in bed with all my thoughts,

Its like they bash my head with wooden rods.

Its hard to find silence between the loud thuds.

Then my head becomes more crowded than Times Square,

And I try my best to suppress the sound in my mind.

But the screams of memories that I try and leave behind,

Will make their way to the surface.

And I wonder, "what even is my purpose?"

That's when I feel inspiration, motivation,

But not what sleep should give me, a sensation.

It's not like I suspect you to treat me with compassion,

It's just me sharing my reflection.

Upon what actually happened.

Me overthinking and getting saddened.

Hey, there's no need to rush.

Take your time and a break.

Things might seem tough,

Try to feel your heartache.

Found out what it desires,

Found out what it aspires.

What makes it complete?

What makes it obsolete?

I'm not sure what it needs.

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