I'm not sure what it needs

This is something close to a collection of poems that I composed while trying to fall asleep, meaning that not only are they extremely personal, there is also a pretty decent chance that you will encounter grammatical errors. Please write to me if you find any so I can correct them, hope you find this mess somewhat enjoyable.


2. Robin

"Love will set your soul on fire"

That's what I've been told.

It is your soul I admire.

And together we should grow old.

But did you listen to what I said?

How the word I picked was should?

Cause you're are the most beautiful human I have yet met.

But my reason for choosing should is cause I never think we could.

I'm too scared to ever open up.

To tell how I feel about you.

I feel like I need a back-up

Cause this plan isn't gonna do.

To make a long story short

I care about you so much

That if you ever need support

I would always help you with such.

But I don't know if you're it.

I'm still too young to be certain.

Even if you are, by just a little bit.

This whole thing is still a burton.

I'm not sure what it needs.

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