I'm not sure what it needs

This is something close to a collection of poems that I composed while trying to fall asleep, meaning that not only are they extremely personal, there is also a pretty decent chance that you will encounter grammatical errors. Please write to me if you find any so I can correct them, hope you find this mess somewhat enjoyable.


4. Ms. Surname

A new player joined the match,

She is definitely a catch.

I know she's into me, at least a bit,

But will we ever be deemed fit?

To come together as a couple,

Or will it just give us some trouble?

Cause let me be honest with you honey,

I think that you are amazingly lovely.

All I do is hope,

That you at least think I'm dope.

Cause if we believe in it enough,

And forgot about all the other stuff.

Just look at us selves

Feel each other breathe

Remove our emotional shelves

Which will make us seethe

It is in this moment I believe,

That we could us achieve.

Cause if we feel the same way,

Why would we waste day by day?

Pretending to be nothing but friends,

Instead of letting our hearts cleanse.

What shade of fear could be hidden,

Get thrown out and become bedridden.

If you want you can take my hand,

And walk with me through all this sand.

Cause on this beach of you and me,

Your beauty is all I'll ever see.

I'm not sure what it needs.

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