The vampire Queens Choosen


1. The Resurrection


    Its been about 3 hours since the Vampire queen had attacked the kingdom. She was walking around the burned rubble looking for any survivors to feed off of because she was hungry. She was constantly smelling the air because as long as she was downwind from any survivors, she could smell their blood from very far away. Her eyes flashed red as she caught whiff of a survivor. She had to move some rubble as it was covering him. He was impaled by a large piece of wood, probably from a nearby explosion from one of her spells. He was one of the Kingdom's knights, or was one at least. He was still fully dressed in his armor. But this wasn't a problem since her fangs could pierce the thickest armor known to humanity at the time. She then picked him up by his neck, leaned in and then bit into his neck. He let out a scream from the pain that he felt from the bite. She smirked while she began to drain the blood out of him. Naturally, He fainted. But the way that his body had bent, caused his helmet to fall off.


  The queens eyes widened, she'd never seen such an attractive looking mortal. With a different plan in mind, she continued drinking his blood up until there was none left. She then took his lifeless body back to her lair and then started a little ritual of sorts. Before she did this, she stripped him completely down and took out the large piece of wood that was impaling him. The then started the spell's ritual. After about a day or two she had come back to the same spot, to see him still lying there.She had cold water and washcloths. She soaked the cloths and placed them in various spots on his body because of how hot it was getting. She replaced them every 4 hours or so for the next few days.


    Finally, it was done. This time she had brought a chair to wait for him to wake up. It was no more than an hour before he let out a gasp still laying on the floor. He was breathing heavily, which was normal. After about 5 minuets. He opens his eyes. He looked around, dazed. He lets out a small groan as he tried to move, but was unable to for the time being. "Morning sleepyhead~" The queen was still in her chair, just watching the man laying there. He was able to move his head, that's it so far. He looked over towards her direction. His eyes widen, seeing her sitting there watching him. "Yes yes, i know what you're thinking. That im probably going to kill you, no? Well you're very wrong in that case~ In fact, if it werent for me, you wouldnt be alive right now. Though, your entire kingdom has been burnt to the ground for my pleasure. I've kept you, for a different kind of pleasure. What is odd though..." She got up and keneled down next to him. She places a hand lightly on his arm. "Is that you're nowhere near as pale as you should be". She had picked up a young dark skinned boy. She looked into his eyes "My god are your eyes gorgeous though~" They turned from the once dark brown, into a light Gray/silver tone. His hair had also changed from black to a snow white.


    "Wh-what......." She had cut him off, not wanting him to speak yet. "What did i do to you? Well let me put it this way...." She leans in close and whispers into his ear "You're not a human anymore~". "Now, i bet you're wandering what my name is, aren't you~? Well, that doesnt matter to you. You shall call me mistress~ And yes, that means exactly what you think". The male mustered up all his strength to prop himself up on his arms "O-Over my dead b-body...." The queen Smirks as she used a spell to put him back to sleep. After he fell into a deep sleep, she carried him off to her room and chained him to a spot next to the bed, the chain was long enough to let him wander around the room as much as he wanted, but he could not leave the room. She laid him on the bed and got in next to him. She held him close, to transfer some of her energy to him, so that he wouldnt have to wait to recover anymore. He soon opened his eyes to find himself attached to the wall via wearing a collar. "Wh-What the-" She put a finger to his mouth to quiet him. "Good evening, pet~ Now you're wondering  why you're chained up to the wall, yes~? Well, your situation can easily change based on how you behave. And i strongly advise that you behave like a good boy~" He could feel her fangs graze against his next, causing his body to shiver in pleasure. Her hand that was on his chest was slowly making its way downward. They were both stock naked, with only the covers of the bed as visual protection. He began to blush lightly as he grabbed her hand, sopping it before it could get where she wanted it.


    "Wh-what are you doing??" The Boy asked shyly. "Oh nothing much, just going to show you your VERY first duty as being my pet~" Her free hand moved up and held His neck firmly "Now let go of your Mistress's hand~" Reluctantly, he let go of it. "You're quite young, Yes?". He boy said nothing, so she tightened her grip. "Y-Yes!" It was obvious to her that he was very scared right now."Are you old enough to do... Adult Things~?". He spoke softly, which wasnt an issue for right now "Y-Yes.....". She smiles widely "Good good, have you ever-" The boy quickly shook his head No. She grinned widely now, she then made him face her as she took off the covered and sat up spreading her legs "It's time that you learn some very important things then~". She pulled his head in between her legs by grabbing the collar. "Your job, every night and every morning, is to pleasure me. Understand~?" Blushing very Hard, He nodded. "Good, now you're going to listen very carefully and do EXACTLY as i tell you to. Now, take two of your fingers and put them in here~" She says as she spreads her slick entrance open to reveal a place to insert his fingers. He gulps, using his Index and Middle finger. He slidesthem into her warm and slick pussy causing her to moan lightly. His fingers quickly got soaked. "Now move them in and out, and curl your fingers slightly every time you move them out~". The boy followed her commands as she was nearing her climax. "Q-Quickly, take them out and put your mouth around it while putting your tongue inside". He followed directions again, finishing her off as she came into his mouth. "Now swallow~" He swallowed it all, she looked under him to see that he too was aroused.


   As a reward for listening to well, its time that i give you a treat. She rolled them over so that he was on the bottom. Both her hand on his chest to support himself as she grabbed a hold of his shaft. She pointed it upward, and then slid the tip into her wet slit. The Boy let out a moan as she continued sliding down on it. Her nails digging into his chest a little bit. She leaned in and started kissing him. She bit his tongue softly, drinking someones blood normally got her even more heated. So she slowly drank what was coming out. He didnt notice it because of how good she was making him feel. She got all the way to the base of his cock, then started bouncing up and down. "A-anoo~ Another th-thing.......i-i'll have to train you're en-endurance~" She was huffing and moaning as she made love to the boy. She could feel that he was getting close to climaxing. She only got rougher and faster. "The only place you get to climax, is in here~" She motions to her pussy as the boy spurts his load deep inside of her. Th-the good thing about being me, is i cant get pregnant~". He was breathing heavily, looking very tired. "You did wonderful for your first day, now rest up my pet. For tomorrow will be a new day~" The boy slowly drifted off to sleep from being exhausted, 

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