Anti-hero Origin: Bill

This is the origin story of an anti-hero of my own creation named, "Bill"


1. All you need to know..


 Name: Bill

Last name: Unknown

Title: AAA Assassin

The one known as Bill was born and achieved conciseness with no heart warming thoughts or memories, as the day of his birth was his day of induction into a clan of assassins known as "The Windmill Clan". He was not to be like any other assassin was however, he was to become a direct agent of the true ruler of the clan, the "Snake Mother". A crying infant was brought before her, the snake mother got closer and closer to him, letting out a venom cloud which he inhaled, the crying ceased, and a blank expression was plastered on the infant's face, he was now a what they called, a "Black Heart". These were beings that had lost their humanity in an emotional and psychological way, they did not admire art, they did not enjoy music, they did not even have a favorite meal, all they desired was death and destruction, nothing more. Bill was put into an arena with many other of the horrid creations of the snake mother and were ordered to fight to the death, no holds barred, last man standing. The walls that surrounded the arena shifted and weapons were revealed, these were all very young children who shouted in delight in the idea of ripping the flesh off of each other! They all ran to the walls scrambling to grab whatever they could grab! this had all happened so quickly, Bill had tripped and was unable to get to the walls fast enough! He looked to find himself, a young child, with no way to defend himself and completely surrounded. The other children laughed as they twirled their weapons around, excited about their first kill, the weak boy who was not fast enough to grab a weapon. Bill, tearing up at the eyes was convinced it was over for him, he closed his eyes and awaited death. Suddenly, a dark voice spoke to him, "Use your gift child, you are never defenseless" He suddenly felt his heart pulsate deeply, he opened his eyes to see that his arm was beginning to form reptilian scales, his fingernails began turning into claws, a crocodile-like tail grew from him and his jawline and teeth began take a ferocious form. He saw his new form take and smiled, the other children immediately rushed him, but they all just found themselves rushing towards their own deaths. As bodies laid around him his reptilian form soon faded and he fully saw what he had done, and for the first time in his short life, he smiled and laughed. 


Bill at that young age, had accepted the snake mother's gift and used it to gain true acceptance as a black heart to the snake mother. He soon discovered that there were other black hearts who had passed the same test that he had passed. and all felt the same way that he had felt. These would be his brothers and sisters in training until he fully gained the power he needed to become a true black heart assassin. as the years passed he found himself at age twelve, prepared to kill anyone who was told needed to die. These years were some of the best to him as every so often he'd get orders from the snake mother, telling him who to kill and where to find them, and oh was it so very often! Such joy! Killing alongside his brothers and sisters, stripping the flesh off of those who needed to die with his adopted weapons which were machetes with a saw blade ending that made everything that much more enjoyable! He killed humans, vampires, werewolves, and even mermaids! (Though they nearly killed him). Life was pretty sweet, all the heads and dead bodies and blood for him to enjoy... Then... one dark day happened... He returned with his brothers and sisters to their base to find the snake mother was... nothing but a statue now. She had never taken this form before, and would always speak to her children, was she away? Would she be back soon? No one knew, so they sat and waited, they waited days, as months came by members of the clan who were not black hearts began leaving, and as years and years went by, there was nobody left... Except Bill who was the last remaining member of the Windmill Clan. He waited two more years in isolation, getting more and more angry and frustrated with the snake mothers silence. After he had waited a total of five years he clenched his fist stood up to the statue and shouted, "YOU AND THIS WORLD HAVE ABANDONED ME!", turned around and burnt the entire base to the ground, having nothing else but a resentment for everything that existed that was not his own creation.

Late teen years

 These years for Bill were the worst. He made kills that satisfied his blood lust but they didn't make him... happy. And all he had was a secluded base, three minions that did his bidding for him, and rage for the world. All he could really do was watch the NEWS and hate the world. He was very close to just ending his life due to the mediocrity, then a very special broadcast was aired on the NEWS. Mystery Man was discovered to be the Leader of the island's brother in law, Wally Mcarthur. He was wanted by the Gov. for finding a cure for a deadly disease that they wanted to remain undiscovered due to the money people would likely spend for it. He didn't really care about any of that but then something caught his eye... Wally decided to show the public that he was a good guy by casting the Mystery Man mask and the most evil weapons known to man into an security tank of water which was about fifty feet deep. The mask was unimportant but those blades... they were the baton blades... Evil weapons that are cursed to do beyond the damage that the user wanted to do. Men throughout history have used these weapons to conquer all but their human emotions made them regret using them in the first place, Bill did not have such emotions. He knew, he needed to make this world into his, and those weapons were the key to ultimate power. So he killed all of the robotic guards guarding the weapons and used his reptilian abilities to easily swim to the bottom of the take and take the weapons for himself. As he was there, he saw the mystery man mask just sitting there calling his name... why not? And so he became the next mystery man, far more evil than the last.

Changing his ways

His plans to take over the planet falls short, and he sulks hard in defeat, likely just wishing for death to finally claim him... suddenly his soul rival Jackson Angryson comes into his base with news of highly powerful foes who wish to kill the creator of the universe and take it over. Bill does not care, all he had worked for failed and he wanted nothing to do with this. But after a long inspirational speech and some begging and the thought that these foes would be the ultimate test for his power, he agreed to fight along side the heroes but only to raise his own power. Bill saves the planet with the heroes but only for his own gain. What truly changes him into an anti-hero is when the underworld declares war on the planet. Bill sees this as yet another ultimate test and an opportunity to raise his power so again he fights alongside the heroes. As he's in the underworld fighting demons and showing his power he goes into a cave like area in the underworld, (which there are a lot of), searching for Jackson who went missing in there. As his search went forwards he felt his heart pulsate... for the first time in years... He clenched his chest and looked up. It was... the snake mother! In the underworld? He began sobbing and demanding, "why?! Why did you abandon me?!" The snake mother embraces him and explains that she was beginning to become weakened in that realm and had to go back to the underworld to regain her powers. And all she needed was a bit of her venom back... Which Bill had stored in his heart. She only needed a little bit of it and her power would be restored, which he gave to her. Having some of the darkness within himself removed, he truly began to see his minions, those who have helped him grow stronger and even... Jackson, as... friends. With this, he continued his battle in the underworld, unlocking a lot of his power in the process. The ruler of the underworld, Chaz, was a sore loser, and he was not going to go down with honor. So he used a highly destructive energy bomb known as a "holocaust grenade" Which ended up wiping out himself, his entire army and... Bill who sacrificed himself by saving Jackson in the process. After the heroes exit the underworld, battered but victorious, Jackson flies out of the underworld with Bills lifeless body and lays him down gently for everyone to see. The Immortal Gods see this and put all of their power into raising him from the dead. Energy flies, and Godly power is exerted to it's fullest extent and Bill is risen from the dead. Everyone is overjoyed at this sight but then the main hero "Jay" approaches Bill and asks, "Does this mean you've given up your evil ways?" Bill reaches his hands out and the baton blades return from the underworld to his grasp. "I'm going to do whatever I feel like doing but you can rest easy cause I won't be taking over the world anytime soon". 

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