2. Thin

Thin, that's what I want to be, my body is my worst enemy and we are constantly battling. But when I met you, my enemy and I called a truce. The big W E, the big U S, that was bigger than the big M E. You loved every inch, inch, inch, inch continued another forty inches or so, of the big M E and I, I loved capital Y O U. But why say loved, past tense when it is the here, the now, the past and the present? Well, there you have it, the necessary distinction it is both love and loved, one is recollection and one is now's gift, the present. But I am getting off my track, my plan, written out. I am to stay in the box, in the lines and never stray. In one year, two, four or five; my path is written, that is how I survive. But when I became we, I didn't worry so much, the plan no longer just includes me. After the moment we met, a random decision to meet you, there were drinks to be had, more that a few. You were there in my thoughts and my dreams. The smiles, laughter and leprechaun tattoos made quite a night. We fell, I'm still falling though not in your sight. The time we spent apart only makes me want to fight; longer, harder, for you and me the big W E, together is complete. 

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