4. Something New

I dip a toe in the water, this is cleansing right? Time to begin something new. "uh, hi, what's your name? Nice to meet you I'm 2Lt Trapp, Bryden to you though. A few of us were gonna play some board games tonight at the mess. You should come! Here... here is my number." SUch an innocent action I made, but babe the reaction, your reaction to my innocent action was all the bright colours I've felt combined, a real firework display. Now you may think I'm foolish, that whole 'one look and I knew', that's all hokum and hooey and really? NO. But I have to tell you, the rumors are true, babe I met you and I knew. You were the 'plan' I could never get right. I, I, I, but where is the 'we' that I mentioned from the start? Well, this 'we' is almost indescribable, hey I said almost. 'We' is like a still warm (but cool enough to be comfortable for a walk) kind of morning. You know what, 'we' is like a morning, one that includes the last few minutes in bed cuddling and then breakfast, being cooked by two, tunes playing in the background. 'We' is the drum-roll before the kiss the brushes of finger-tips on an arm in a passing moment, a sideways glance and a smile. A single thought 'I love you', an absent smile when recalling a moment. Tick, tick, tick moments of 'we' remembered forever by both the W and the E. The edges, all different, bright colours, they fit snug, like a bug in a rug. The piece of the puzzle no one knew was missing, my plan became our plan. The one that means spontaneous adventures and feet in the sand. THe fear that always accompanies 'change' and 'new' isn't there now pick, pick, picking at my brain. It is replaced with wishes, dreams, and anticipation of the future, our future. Ready to add more to the story of the big W E? the big U S? It's our moment, here we go. 

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