Random Oneshots

I'll be posting some miscellaneous one shots in this book
Some of them will not be PG but I'll put a warning beforehand


2. Unexpected Turn of Events pt 1


I held the stab wound in my stomach in a horrible attempt to stop the bleeding before speaking weakly, “Val…” I coughed, more blood flowing out of my mouth. I smiled faintly at my soulmate who was muffling her heavy sobs with her hands over her mouth, tears streaming down their beautiful face. Feeling weak, I kneeled in the snow…

The same snow where we confessed all those years ago…

Under the same stars and all

Valerie ran over to me, catching my weak body before it fell completely and lying my head on her legs.


I felt tears fall from my face. I was scared. I…

I felt a genuine emotion without Valerie being the cause…

“V-Valerie… I l-lo-” Valerie held her hand over my mouth, quieting me instantly. Valerie wiped her tears away before speaking, “Ato, d-don’t you d-dare die on me. W-what about our p-plans..? Our future t-that we made without those two getting in the w-way?” I felt Valerie’s tears fall on my white skin, matching the snow like always. “I-I’m sorry Val. I can’t be there for them…”

Right then, I remembered something vital. Speaking frantically, I told Valerie. “T-there’s something in my book,” Val nodded before responding, “W-which one?”

“The one I wouldn’t let you look at. I bookmarked the important pages of the-”

I coughed violently, stopping my desperate words of remembrance before I dusted. It was almost time… I felt it

“I love you Valerie. You’re the only one who made me genuinely feel without the colors. T-they… they’re… oh stars.” The plan’s pace must have quickened from my death… the steady loss of my magic probably triggered it.

“Go to the book. You ha-” Valerie shook her head and kissed me gently. “I’m not leaving you.” I sighed and looked at the stars, weakly squeezing her hand in an attempt to comfort my soulmate. “P-promise me… that you won’t leave t-them…” Valerie nodded frantically, knowing how much we hate lying to the other. “O-of course! I promise!” I smiled, reaching my hand up to feel her face one more time and weakly kissed her as I began to dust. “I love you Valerie…”


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