Random Oneshots

I'll be posting some miscellaneous one shots in this book
Some of them will not be PG but I'll put a warning beforehand


1. Changes Are Hard To Accept

Quick Note from the author before this starts: This contains death and minor profanity. 


I saw their soon to be lifeless bodies slowly turning to dust. And all I did was stand there, crying heavily. “S-s4ns? P-p4pyrus? Ple4se g-get up… I need y-you guys. This 4U isn’t my home w-without you guys.

I started to scream out of desperation after a few moments of silence,


I was quickly losing my voice.


Y-yes s4ns?

“Why are you c-crying?”

You’re d-dusting why wouldn’t I c-cry?

“You’re t-too soft P-penny”


I started to laugh and cry at the same time. I couldn’t take it anymore. My family was turning to dust.

Where’s Frisk?” I said in a monotone voice. “Penny no. Don’t go after them. It’ll reset. We’ll be fine. You have to get out before that. Your dads won’t take your death too well.”

I don’t c4re 4bout them right now! I need you guys 4live! I won’t take your de4th too well! Where. Is. Frisk?!” My patience had disappeared, quickly replaced by my anger.

“T-they should be near judgement hall by n-now.”


I ran over to him and hugged his half-dusted body. “How could they do this to you guys? You weren’t destroying anything. Not 4 single 4U.” I was losing the ability to make tears. Then I started to glitch out. A lot. “P-Penny! You’re glitching!”

L-LIk3 I C4re! Y-YoU T-TwO ArE D-DYIng!

I said while my voice was glitching. Then I quickly teleported to judgement hall where the human was currently entering. “H-hEh. Frisk… WHY DID YOU HURT S4NS 4ND P4PYRUS!” I was the judge of my universe now and I will kill them. “What makes you think you can kill me Penelope? You’re just a human like me. Only less glitched. And much less powerful.”

You will p4y.

I repeated myself, summoning my thread, “You. Will P4y.” All Frisk did was chuckle to themselves “0nly thr34d? W0w th4t2 pr3tty w34k 3v3n f0r y0u. Th3 gr34t P3n3l0pe, f0llw3r 0f 24n2 2nd P4pyru2 0f 3rr0rt4l3.” I began to laugh to myself from that statement. “I 4M NOT 4 FOLLOWER OF S4NS 4ND P4PYRUS. THEY WERE MY FUCKING F4MILY.” I started to attack, not giving them the first turn like so many times I have before when sparring with them on their pacifist routes.


We were sparring for the day when I had to fight in battle with my sisters. Frisk and I were laughing while tossing some random attacks at each other. Then Sans walked over then looked like one of us just died. “What’s wrong S4ns?” I ask, perplexed. “Y0u tw0 4r3 supp023d t0 b3 sp4rring, n0t pl4ying with 34ch 0th3r!” Sans was really upset. “Sorry mister ‘I’m so serious now because I lost to Penelope’ I didn’t know that I couldn’t have fun. Geez” I snarked. Sans looked pissed now. “Y0u w4nn4 r3-m4tch? I l3t y0u win l42t tim3.” I pretended to be offended and put my hand to my chest like what he said had hurt me. “Ye4h right! You 4te the floor too many times to count! I won because I’m better th4n you! Nobody beats the gre4t Penelope H4milton Marquis de L4f4yette!” I said while laughing at Sans. “T-th3n y0u w0uldn’t mind 4 r3-m4tch.” Sans said while attacking. “H-hey! Not f4ir! But I’m still gonn4 win 4g4in!” I said while dodging Sans’ attacks. “Go Penny, go!” Frisk said to encourage me. I was having…


I was so happy that I finally found the AU that I belong in. I started to laugh and cry at the same time. Sans stops his attack. “D-did I hurt y0u t00 b4d? 4r3 y0u 0k4y P3nny?”

No, I’m just so h4ppy th4t I found the 4U that I belong in. I have 4 family now. I miss f4ther, d4d, Miss 4ngelic4, and Miss Eliz4 so much. I wish I could’ve been with you guys since the beginning of my 4rriv4l.” I said while crying harder but still smiling happily. “Y-y0u d0n’t n33d t0 cry 4b0ut it th0ugh.” I nudged ErRoR playfully and laughed harder. “I’m h4ppy Error. These,” I pointed to the tears running down my face, “4re tears of joy, sir. It me4ns you guys m4ke me h4ppy.” I smiled mischievously and threw an attack at him. Error growled and tried to catch my soul with his strings, dodging it barely before I stuck my tongue out at him playfully.

~Flashback end~

I dodged Frisk’s attack and I said, “I guess th4t it’s my turn now.” I attacked Frisk again, leaving them at 10 HoPe. I smirked as I waited for their attack. They growled at me, clearly frustrated and launched themselves at me. I slid to the right, barely dodging the attack. I landed a blow to their left arm, which made them stumble and groan in pain before they threw their knife to me and hitting my left eye. I screamed in pain and summoned my strings to hold them still as I began to slowly tear their limbs off, the warm blood seeping through my eye making me grin manically.

ThIs Is wh4t yOu gEt fOr hUrtIng mY fAmIly…

*The echoes of someone screaming  in pain could be heard across the multiverse*


Error belongs to Loverofpiggies on Tumblr

Penelope belongs to me

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