Daylight Diaries Series 3

Since the shadows left masschusets, and the minot got lost a unknown pearl, of sunken houses found a strange and unknown lost mysterious puzzle to the beginning of the story, yet the diary left a missing piece?
A sudden key locked again all but one, a unknow character alia found, her the shadow and a new belonging to masschusets


Author's note

Series 3 of one and 2 enjoy the story of masschusetts

7. Part 3"



"I can't see, the sudden path".. Even as herb look to instruct an amazing and, pearl might of had, the masschussets and, places just suddenly had time in its dis pair, she looked and herb seemed to disparage. Leaving a unknown word she would hate to be kept.

In the time the old Minot was just underneath, the woods it was still a mystery upon how the forth of a forgotten, brewed up past really lead the future.

"Herb , Herb! She wambled and shout!!!... And even if, this spirit existed where was her old friends? 

"Oh my looking beyond and over, that old window behind the draws, finally makes bit more sense".. Nothing did however on how pearl was once a past, thing herself.

The more she want answers the more it was that the story she once knew the Minot, it was as if the shadows had taken it out of her hands.

Now herb seem to disappear leaving the only thing lastly the journey was beyond the, way in!.. It was more to find the Minots own story..

At first it was all diarys, now it seemed to be just an story that was lost, she forgotten the old, story of masschusetts how it began how it started, but never forgot the, story of the shadow..

Then pearl just would see the, same thing she, came across, and look as the new things overwhelm her from atop the, things the Minot perhaps would help in her new journey, looking from down and inbetween the new sunset and after the dark has risen.


"I will, find the past somehow"? She, then took the book and the diary, and came across some weird and nocturnal thing, as if her mind saw the light beyond, the past had left a, unkown shaodws.

She then, saw the map, the diary was suddenly across the moon and the sun, the past was however in the minots untold journey.

Pearl then, sat and looked at that diary!...

It was now in the mists of the, old place she was near.. Now the, journey in fact came In about, a place somewhere between the, past and for gotten, this old journey left the shadow in display.

in fact the, only thing behind the, mystery was pearl own, self in fact she was finding the, spirit and, the minots new adebenture, if he was to be, in the mist and find time again. 


She look and, then beyond one book, she stood realxed and, came in the suden, new place, she was in she think and then she scramble the past, it wasnit clear in between the stuff and the past.


It was hard pear perhaps was thinking of the past to much the answers would, be scarab le











"After the, first open window"..  Looking, and seeing she finally stood on the other end.

"Im herb I come now you seem, clear minded".. " Who are you?" "Never mind said the

spirit.  "I come from the past to oversee and just fill the missing story perhaps, the minots

own shadow..

"It's as if it's a dream! Said' pearl... " not of course said the spirit. " im herb now be silent

and follow the, new way inside"   "The, hidden past" he' said....


Pearl just coudnt speak beyond her, new ways! Yet for a sudden it seemed as her voice

just stopped and though she seemed to have a weird unknown, glance at future beyond


"As see the first thing is to unlock the diary, your name pearl?."   

" it, Is just a name, now! Said' herb?

As though she tried to speak and then, open her eyes, itbwas bit harder, yet the one thing

was enlighten in her was she, knew herb had good fortitude to, lead her to the Minot..

Then for most suddenly the, windows had roaring shout and the, shadow was upon the

second reach and she glance in the corner not moving.

Thinking of behind her for, the corner remembering the diary. It would never leave her mind as the spirit, was remembering some past she, wouldn't Let go as if, the future was already

in the mist of the old past..

Herb would just, be suddenly outside the old, shadows preach, somehow pearl saw the shadow as, if he lied, yet somehow the shadow, he seemed to be left her speechless.

Thinking of the, minots true real and magnificiant, own story. How could she not want to find the diary that left it behind?..

Suddenly pearl could loo,  at diary the spirit gave up and, she now could speak just bit,

yet the minot was, seeing a down under, beneath the diary. 

On the other side perhaps, the diary was glowing beneath now, she saw the future yet, it

still was kinda fuzzy.

" I will as, you see some and, speak!.. S" spirit where are you!..  "Said' pearl...

 Herb I am, and i see the great, story you had."..      "What story for, said pearl"..

Even though pearl saw and seem to forget a lot of the past. The spirit then, disappeared as pearl looked, beyond the missing diary.

The sun however shined as pearl looked gazing over the, sudden minot was dispearly in a case beyond the, old two sided, beruea.

Now pearl was on her own thinking of some way, to explain the sudden case that brought the sun, into a glissering roar, ye attachment was a shadow and a door, and the outside lead another mystery.

Beyond the, second word a new a, more deep shadowloked behind and saw the missing case. Looking more she grabbed it, and left no mark the print on the other side..

" I don't, know what?" It is, I don't know what it is?"   " She ' said ?".

 standing from one side and down the floor was a  thing behind that it was, just suddenly as if a new shadow had clueless left and new one began..



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