Daylight Diaries Series 3

Since the shadows left masschusets, and the minot got lost a unknown pearl, of sunken houses found a strange and unknown lost mysterious puzzle to the beginning of the story, yet the diary left a missing piece?
A sudden key locked again all but one, a unknow character alia found, her the shadow and a new belonging to masschusets.
Copyright Joseph c


Author's note

Series 3 of one and 2 enjoy the story of masschusetts

2. New mystery of masschuseets

it seemed endless to think that, the houses that were once standing is perfect yet not so perfect, outings once lived deep in the dreams and creation of a still Unstaedyye masschussets and, some monster far and, deep now has gazed in the shadows beyond the missing.

A sudden tune of often and, scary things seek burden deep beyond the old escape and suddenly a new rival came to the missing parts. Suddenly a tree of better knowledge showed shadows once thought of sudden but new great and wonderful means.

Always the dark and wonderful footprints were missing somehow. The promise never stood clear beyond the Massachusetts a new and wonderful ️secret a myst the old one.

The minot thta once puzzled the onlookers of the mysterious open locks.

Somehow found a very puzzled story beyond the mystical, woods beyond that, a more complex time saw a wonderful start.

The shadows now we're just mysticak as they came and suddenly the outcrops found a mysterious new, yet wonderful ️secret.

All along the secrets were new and fantastic mytsh beyond the sunrise masschuseets Alway had the same story no matter what things and stories were upon the missing.

Only time now wI'll tell if the locks and keys were alays burden and the diary that suddenly had a paradox to a new story.

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