Daylight Diaries Series 3

Since the shadows left masschusets, and the minot got lost a unknown pearl, of sunken houses found a strange and unknown lost mysterious puzzle to the beginning of the story, yet the diary left a missing piece?
A sudden key locked again all but one, a unknow character alia found, her the shadow and a new belonging to masschusets.
Copyright Joseph c


Author's note

Series 3 of one and 2 enjoy the story of masschusetts

1. Massachusetts new light ten part chapter

a clear ominous sky suddenly fell flat foward the lake next to a house behind it was clear and sudden diary thta st float amny the many this, diary seemed locked and the house aside a strange person was, not only there, but among many to hold adark deep shadow among the river.

Thhe one and only thing thta tunneled a past was very kind and outgoing monster ahead of the flight a bird saw seemingly locked book, it saw allying river as the closer as it got a house suddenly gave way sunken and starte. Sink..

Day and night night and day came and went, suddenly faster then the speed of night, suddenly a mysterious green way of gleaming, key full of rust and open it gave way to a clear box.

The only person behind the draw a shadow seemed like it was a person now, suddenly the magic box opened and a sudden flee of birds flew deep in the night sky, the once known minot disappeared as rea waking deep myst in the masschuseets night sky, and the hole thta sinkin the for shadows of an even deeper hole took many but one locked house, it suddenly opened the gates and the masschuseets became a headway for a diary and a very sudden shift in the river..

Suddenly every house opened and the shadow could have sense or felt it, know he could be a person, in. The great dark night, once a pearl stood out now is deep in the muck of mud a pearl stood and a person besides the shadow took the only diary he saw, a key and the open river that seemed like a lake..

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