The Little Cottage

About a girl who walks down the road to north Abby road when she learns that her grandmother is sick


1. The beginning of Ella's story

aHello my name is Ella Angela Marie O'Malley I was born on December 14, 1600 and I was born in a house down on Millsbury Lane and my mother was a very kind woman good sense of humor and loved helping people she has red hair with blue eyes and rosie cheeks and I loved my mother so much and as for my father he was a very kind man who loved his family and loved to help people too like my mother and my father was a loving man who always loved his family and he was brave, kind, adventurous, and loving, like any father should be I loved my father so much and he was a good husband and a good father to his children and to his wife. Times changed the months went by and the king had to sent men to war because of the ogres and the goblins so my dad had to leave I was so heartbroken when he left and so was my mother and one day before he had to leave he gave me his necklace and he said to me "keep it safe for me Ella and always remember this I will always love you and your mother keep being strong for being and look out for your mother and keep her safe." I was only five at the time and I told my father "I promise father I promise." After he had left for the war mother started to get ill so I had to get her a doctor so I went to the town and saw Dr. Cornelius he was a friend of my mothers and fathers they were friends when they went to school and they still are to this day after I found Dr. Cornelius I told him what was wrong with mother and he came straight away and when he got there he started to get her better and I was praying silently in my head that mother would feel better. Hours have passed and when someone knocked on the door and said are you "Ella O'Malley." The person said and I stared at the person and said "yes I am and why are you here." I said the person was actually the Kings soldiers and he explained that my father was killed in the war and he was murdered by an ogre and I was crying and when the soldier said that he was sorry he stood there and left and I went into mother and fathers bedroom and cried and told her what happened and she cried to and she told me she loved me so much how proud I am for being brave for a girl at my age. The next morning mother had died on a Friday morning at 9:00 am and I was crying because I didn't have a family anymore and the kings soldiers took me to an orphanage and when I got there I cried so hard because my life was falling apart and now I'll never get the chance to get a family and yes the king is nice but now I will never ever be happy again and forever and always 


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