Scarlett Suicide

Scarlett Suicide Is A Suicide Letter Left By Scarlett Who Took Her Life Out Of Fear Of Dying From Her Husband Hands


1. Scarlett Suicide

I don’t know when it's going stop, All the abusive hate and  lies

The coming home late and drunk, Upset because food wasn’t  cooked when you come home

But what was I supposed to do, You ate at that other women house,

Coming home with a warm plate from another woman house,  

You coming at me saying I’m cheating, That I’m no good

But I had to always wear makeup because of what you did to my face

So how dare you put me down, I only wanted the best for us my love

I can’t escape, I can’t leave,  You say that you not going nowhere

And If I dare try to leave you, That you would kill me

No ones understand, No one can help,


The bible says ‘’Do not be excessively wicked, and do not be a fool. Why should you die before your time?’’


But I’m dying slowly


I had enough  of it


I guess it’s my time to go


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