Black Swan Murder

Black Swan Murder Is A 911 Call That Puts You In The Moment Of Barbara And Her Ex Boyfriend That Is Trying To Break Into Her House To Kill Her


1. Black Swan Murder

Dispatcher: 911, where is your emergency?


Barbara: Hello?! Yes my ex boyfriend is trying to break into my house


Dispatcher: You said your ex boyfriend is trying to break into your house  


Barbara: Yes!!! Oh my god he has a gun please send help!!


Dispatcher: OK, ma’am,   calm down, Tell me your location.


Barbara: I’m at my house, my address is 765 Black Swan Dr my house number is 825


Barbara: What the fuck!!!! He’s trying to kick my front door open,

He keeps saying hes going to kill me Please!!! Send help now !!!


Dispatcher:  Ok, I’m need you to go to stay away from your ex boyfriend  or you able to go in your room and lock the door??


Barbara: Yes!! Hold I’m going to my room now


Dispatcher: Alright good "Don't hang up. Help is on the way."


Barbara: Ok!! I’m in my room??


Dispatcher: Alright good did you lock your door??


Barbara: Yes Oh my god I can  still hear him trying to kicked the door in!!!


Dispatcher: Just stay calm and stay in your room till help come, Ok??


Barbara: Ok!


Dispatcher: "What is your name?"


Barbara: My name is Barbara, Barbara Lee


Dispatcher: Alright good and "How old are you?"


Barbara: I’m 23, (whispering and breathing heavily) Oh my god Fuck!!! He's in the house

He just kicked my front door open, Hurry Send help!!!


Dispatcher: Help is on the way,  just stay in your room  and stay away from him


Barbara: I have a gun…. And I can hear him coming upstairs


Dispatcher: Ok I’m going need you to stay relax, And you said you have a gun???


Barbara: Omg god!!! He just kicked in my room door open!!!!


Dispatcher: Ok barara listen to me or you still there


Barbara: Ahhh!!! Stay away from me!!!


Dispatcher: Hello!? Barbara Are you still there???


Barbara: …..


Dispatcher: Hello!? Barbara??


Barbara: Get off me!!! Pow!!! Pow!!! Pow!!!


Dispatcher: Hello Barbara?  Are you ok  who is shooting?


Barbara: I… just shot him….


Dispatcher: Did you said you shot him??

Barbara: Yea.. Uhhh  he's dead…

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