Runaway Angel

A young girl moves to Forks, Washington to start new. She meets the Cullens and finds them intriguing, wanting to know their secret she sets out to uncover it. All while finding the magic that lay within her.


1. Delilah


Darling if you're reading this it means your father and I are no longer alive. I'm sorry I couldn't watch you grow up. I bet you're beautiful, must have a lot of guys chasing you. There is something you must know, you're different. Its not a bad thing, you're a miracle baby. The day you were born was the greatest day of my life, your fathers too. You're special, Delilah, in more ways than you know. You're an angel, a real life angel. You were given to us as a gift, we were meant to teach you the way of life. But a dark man got in the way, he was after your magic. He got to us we fought him the best we could, but you're alive and we're not. Darling, your father and I love you so much. Never forget that. Stay safe.

Love mom and dad


Tears were streaming down my face, I was rendered an orphan. The woman who gave birth to me didn't abandon me like the headmistress said, she was killed. For years I resented my parents thinking they gave up on me. When in reality they had no choice. I glared into space, how dare Miss Belladonna lie to me?! I had to leave, to get far away from here. Fast. I had no idea where to go. Wait, I do know where to go...

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