When you love what loves you too, but not as much.


1. Unknown

You keep me in a dark place. A place I refused to escape from but was also held hostage by the unknown. Was it the unknown or was it your artificial flavor of love that I loved from the minute I saw you. You refill my cup after petty arguments knowing this is my favorite flavor and would keep me in that dark place. The flavor would make the dark place light and make everything okay momentarily until the poison of the flavor wears off and the side effects of that become arguments, once again. You pass out this poison and keeps me and the others into that dark place and sometimes we bump into each other. I have bumped into several people but never saw them. You keep their faces dark and my face the darkest to protect your ego which is the main ingredient in this poison. You have a different type of flavor for everyone in this room and we're all addicted in different ways. Sometimes the room is empty with only me, but I can feel when others are coming and I can feel when you're feeding them which makes me angry, but I sit in this dark place and do nothing. Hoping one day that the time I spent in this hole will allow you to let me climb the steps to your heart which everyone in this room is waiting to go. None of us will ever make it! He would never feed poison to the one he really loves and the sooner the zombies feeding off love in this room realize that we can all get off this drug.

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