The Village of Death

Have you ever heard of Charles Darwin's 'Natural Selection' or also known as 'Survival of the Fittest'?

Due to lack of resources, plagues, tradition, and their known goddess he grew up in an environment that still exist today, a village of the cannibals. His instincts drew him to become this way but was drawn away from his natural lifestyle 3 years later when the town grew modernization.

Aldyz and his city friends visited area V, a village unknown to the society that only people who used to live there knew the way, making their guide to be Margarette one of their high school friend who was visiting home.

Two individuals meeting together in different reasons but one cause. What will become of this two in the near future?


1. Prologue



She was running in a panic…

If only it was a joke from her friends, they would probably come out of where they all have hid themselves and would have chanted April fools’ day. It wouldn’t be like this that she was running away for dear life in the thick dark woods.

If it was a prank she wouldn’t have to endure the stab from her bleeding shoulder and there would be no one chasing her in the dark that she couldn’t see. The moon was full and she wasn’t expecting that this summer was worse than the natural calamity she experienced in the city. It wasn’t the same at all.

There was a man who came in to her room that evening, suddenly stabbing her with a butcher’s knife and she managed to evade the attack that was supposed to be chopping her head half and instead, it gave a painful stuck on the joint in her shoulder that seemed to have cut of the vein where only her skin was keeping it attached. Being occupied with panic and death which made her forget about the pain she received from being stabbed, she grabbed the nearest thing she found, and fortunately for her that she actually grabbed the vase that stood beside the drawer and smashed it into her attacker’s head and when the man fell into the floor grunting in the pain she’d inflicted and was off guard, she scrambled back to her feet and sprinted barefoot randomly choosing a path on the nearest woods.

Stupid idea. She could have made a marathon to the nearest house and scream for help. But she chose to run down the thick dark woods where the killer must have been more comfortable at. The more she tried to run faster, all the more tired she gets. She drifted down a near river and dived down with no other choice in the matter. Her mind was awash with the desire to live and escape that the only way she could escape the dangerous fire is to actually get into the water and avoid its dangerous flames on the surface. She stayed underneath the running dark water, mustering all her skill to breath longer than she could take to be able to live.

Above the river was the man who stood for a short while, still gripping his butcher’s knife with her trace of blood dripping down the tip of the blade. The girl’s heart rampaged down the water, fear and breathless over the running water hoping that the man would leave the surface and give up on trying to slaughter her. When the man had left the surface, the girl raised her head gasping for air looking around for any traces of the killer.

When she thought that there were no signs of him, she finally held into the grass to raise her up. However, upon trying to lift herself, a cold, big set of rough fingers suddenly coiled around her wrist. Looking up the most horrifying creature she had seen she released an ear piercing scream while the man grabbed her –almost dragging her out of the river as she screamed even more. She struggled, pulling her wrist over the man’s hold as she used her feet to get strength from the rock beside the river where she was stepping trying to pull back with all her strength and forgetting the man ever having accompanied by the butcher’s knife on his other hand which he used to stab the girl over his victorious kill.

However, again, the girl eluded and it chopped her small arm instead. Now she wasn’t just screaming in fear, but also in pain as she fell into the running river and the wave took her away out into its random destination.

The man watched the running river with a hint of bloodlust and disappointment after the victim left him a souvenir. He was still gripping the arm as he left the river behind him. Still running firmly into the deep dark night where the moon had reflected itself waving into the movement of the body of water.

“Praise God for the offering…” he raised the hand he was holding while the blood continued to produce drops of blood on the ground. “May you not punish us, your sons and daughters.” After chanting the words of offering, he continued his walk into the dark woods until he disappeared in sight of the blue illuminating full moon.

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