The Village of Death

Have you ever heard of Charles Darwin's 'Natural Selection' or also known as 'Survival of the Fittest'?

Due to lack of resources, plagues, tradition, and their known goddess he grew up in an environment that still exist today, a village of the cannibals. His instincts drew him to become this way but was drawn away from his natural lifestyle 3 years later when the town grew modernization.

Aldyz and his city friends visited area V, a village unknown to the society that only people who used to live there knew the way, making their guide to be Margarette one of their high school friend who was visiting home.

Two individuals meeting together in different reasons but one cause. What will become of this two in the near future?


6. Chapter 5: Recollection of Three Years Ago


A butcher.

He lived a burden of seeing blood all his life. His father passed his obsession on holding hatchel. And sooner as the new hunting season had arrived to come, it became his turn to hold a blade and hunt… Not of animal but of man.

It wasn’t his first time getting involved with bloodshed rather it was his first time going alone. With hands shaking he stepped forward into the patch of the forest, facing the village below his feet. His feet feeling cold from the wind and heart racing with a very quick phase only to exist with excitement. His passion to butcher was not a question to anyone who knew them. Born to kill for survival into the cold weather. They eat others… the only way not to get themselves eaten. The village was as close as livestock to everyone such as the villager themselves. Unfertile soil, no supply of animal meat, no blessing but they themselves. To give birth means to have a supply for meal and to marry means to live in a duel of survival between one another. No children were left to grow. No old men end up to the right age of dying. No weak men survive, no strong people could overpower someone else stronger. This is their field of life.

He began to run down the slide of the cliff until he was able to find the way down with the hatchel unsheathed from his belt and now swaying from backward and forward, his speed stilled with quickness and strength while he run down barefoot ignoring the shards of the rocks attached on the ground. And later on he was on the entrance. Contrasted with the torch light in every alleys and the silence only disturbed by the hushing wind. With no reluctance he began to move forward. His feet crushing the dried leaf that fell into the ground dry and brown. He knew they could hear his doubtless steps thumping into the ground without senses available to secure him once someone might fight back. He was confident enough to conduct a less strategic approach and all in the village knew that. They fear most of all was his family, his bloodline. The cause of all this taboo.

He walked towards the door he chose to get stock from. Rumors revealed it to be a woman who was believed to be hiding a child. A fresh meat to fill his father’s hunger. At least the mother and child would last for months and the villagers won’t be bothered once they began to hunt each other. He slammed the door open, found the lit candle atop an empty table but the room had turned completely empty but with a dead body of a man stocked on the end of the room. No one was there except a corpse. But he remained calm, went forward into the empty bed and touched it. It was slightly tainted with warmth and a smell of an infant. It was true. A child was being hidden here, and now the target had stablished a plan to escape with the last minute. He looked around again and his sight had led him into the direction of where the window was unlocked. He went towards it and pushed the door window open welcoming him a way into the dark forest.

A smirk curved up into his lips in a grin of evilness. His irises almost mistaken to be crimson with the dancing fire of candle. He will not let a livestock escape. Not now. He won’t fail his hunt and this will make his father proud of his hunting. Mind filled with gore intent and punishment for making his hunt too long. He will kill her slowly, beginning with her limbs, arms, ears and eyes until she’d die bathing in her blood into the smell of rotting meat, decomposing into a tastier smoked meat. That was his plan and he’ll make sure to make it come to.

Bracing into the cold night he began to follow a cry into the dark, not far from where he was walking. His mind focused into the direction he could hear. The rustling of leaves into the dried ground and he made his steps obvious and loud into the ground. He wanted her to fear and run even faster making him hear her steps out loud. And it was working. Her steps became louder and faster and he was getting close to. Her steps were walking distinguished unequally indistinct footsteps. Her first step was heavier that her second only resulting to a slower run. She was injured and at the same time carrying something heavy in her back that made him shout in pure mockery. “Drop that child and you might run even faster.” Actually it was not a scream, rather, it was a talk. A talk that does not need any reply. Even if she drops that child she will end up being caught by him. Ending up being eaten. Eventually he will consume them with the worst possible way.

The woman continued to rummage the forest to find an escape. The child won’t stop from wailing and her stabbed leg haven’t healed yet. She was married to a man for a year and were able to bare on hunting other neighbor until she was able to give birth. And for three months, the supply ended. His hunger wailed for meat and the new born child was what he wanted to feed on to. She fought back bare hand while he held his axe still tainted with the blood he hunted the month before. He tried chopping her head but luckily she was able to reflexively evade ending up for her feet to suffer the infliction but she was able to hit him down when he was about to cut the infant. She grabbed a rock just about the size of her head thrashing it down at the back of his head and was able to set him unconscious. But that wasn’t enough, she continued hitting his head until he was broken in skull and brain scattered down the floor. He ended up becoming the supply for the woman to be able to produce milk for her.

She was able to save her child. But now, there’s no telling what may end of them. Sweat falling despite her freezing hand. At least she wanted to save that child despite the norm that exist in her. Her nature to feed on the weak. But not this time. Not this child. A child she kept for months inside her, she kept safe and healthy. It was hers to take care then it was hers to keep or save. The child doesn’t look like a snack for her anymore, but at least a survivor of her flesh and blood. They’re all getting old, turning very little like an endangered species into the wild. At the villager’s age, there’s no telling when they will end up dying because of one another, when the women left wouldn’t be able to bare children that won’t last longer than a month because of hunger. And now she’s worried that someday, in that godforsaken village will be just a mark of bones and dying wishes for the future.

She didn’t want that. And now she’s made up her mind. Leaving is the only answer left. No matter where but if safety was a priority, then the village won’t be the answer to her wish.

“What portion of your body would you want to be my stew?” a question that surprised her spewed out of the man’s mouth. Fear crawled up to her body. Her muscle tensed when he came out of that door and her mind all scrambled into nonsense. She held the child firmer in instinct as of an animal who was protecting its cub from a prey. There was no place to run and hiding was as clear as day impossible.

“Please…” she breathed in exhaustion. “Spare him.” She was pertaining to the child she was holding.

His smile turned even wider. “You could’ve discussed it with me in your little cabin sharing with me the meat of your diseased husband.” He said huskily. He went closer but she sprung back in fear squealing in surprise as she looked at him in soft eyes. “Father wouldn’t be happy if he hears that I left an infant in the woods, right?” It was impossible to convince him. She looked around and started running again. he sighed. “You little bitch. You’re really making my night longer.” He started walking towards the direction she had run in to. But as he walked forward staring at the woman running, they suddenly vanished. He went forward, listening until he heard the sound of running water. She jumped in a cliff beside the water fall. Walking forward he peered down into where the woman jumped from. The child was silenced from crying.

What welcomed his sight was the woman’s corpse on the ground flattened by the strong impact to the height of the cliff, ground and her heaviness. But the child was nowhere to be found. The little boy was flushed away into the river down below.

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