The Village of Death

Have you ever heard of Charles Darwin's 'Natural Selection' or also known as 'Survival of the Fittest'?

Due to lack of resources, plagues, tradition, and their known goddess he grew up in an environment that still exist today, a village of the cannibals. His instincts drew him to become this way but was drawn away from his natural lifestyle 3 years later when the town grew modernization.

Aldyz and his city friends visited area V, a village unknown to the society that only people who used to live there knew the way, making their guide to be Margarette one of their high school friend who was visiting home.

Two individuals meeting together in different reasons but one cause. What will become of this two in the near future?


5. Chapter 4: Day One

The river flows uneasy as it hit the rocks that have fallen from the cliffs. The wind blew indignantly together with the uneven atmosphere. This is where the girl appeared into the midst within the blink of an eye. Opening her eyes after appearing short after, he saw him half body drowned on water, standing broadly as his eyes gazes up the hidden skies.


“You seem bored.” The girl started that made him looked at her involuntarily.

He blinked twice. “How long have you been there, Krul?” he asked. His bare body turning front towards her. “Did you lead a lost soul again?”

“I helped a lost man one his way back.” She replied making her way forward stopping on the end of the river to make herself closer. “Why do you prefer not live with the other men on the village?”

“Well, that’s because of their stupid altercations. Acting all saint when they’ve all lost morality. I do not endorse this as the end of the entertainment.” He grinned in a scheming way making his way out of the river towards her. “So, how many sacrifices are there to offer?” he asked.

“Have you ever loved?” the girl asked.

“What kind of question is that?” he asked skeptically.

“Have you gotten in sentimental?” she asked again.

“No.” he replied.

“What is it that you like to do?” she blinked twice. “What is your primary goal?”

Lifting himself out of the river, he pulled the clothes just lying at the top of the rock silently wearing his covers on before facing the girl who was watching her. He grinned. “That would be finding out how a pagan god such as you are tastes like.” He went near, covered have the girl’s face with his palm. “But unfortunately, I can’t even harm you, can’t I”

“Than what’s your goal now?”

He sighed. “I guess I’m still thinking about it.” Removing his hand from her face he turned around and began to walk away. The girl simply watched him leave.


Everyone laughed.

Aldyz felt a sense of embarrassment and annoyance to James who kept on blabbering about him meeting the goddess of the woods and their friends find it funny… that he has a third eye.

Ace tried to stop from laughing to give his punch line. “Cheers for the chosen one!” he raised his cup of coffee and everyone followed while laughing. Aldyz didn’t find that funny and just kept shut, browsing his camera. He was watching the film he took earlier and as he went further into the woods his observation started coming out for answers.

“Holy shit.” He said that silenced them. He thought he didn’t say that out loud, but they actually head that silent curse.

“What’s wrong man?” James asked coming near to where Adyz had sat. When he looked at the camera, his eyes also widened. Surprised that he whistled in interest. “Fuck this shit, Al. Just what did…” he didn’t continue and just watched it.

Their friends curiously joined in and everyone’s face contorted with shock and disbelief. “Damn bro.” Ace whispered. While the girls stayed behind the men and just peeked on it as if the one in the camera would pop out anytime soon.

Like a dark 3D solid shadow was in front of Aldyz that he was certain that the girl he saw from earlier. The dark shadow had a figure of a woman, the same back as the girl who helped him out of the woods. But thinking that this dark ‘thing’ was the one that he’s with for how many minutes gave him goosebumps. He’d be more in relief if what he saw was statics while the camera was on the roll, but he’s actually seeing something undeniably mythical. If this ‘thing’ was the goddess of this small town, why would she come in that shadowy form? But what if she’s not a goddess?

He shrugged. “I’m going to have a nightmare tonight.” He uttered selflessly.

“Fuck bro, you can have your own paranormal website.” Ace said, not in a manner of teasing anymore, but more like a praise of what he caught. “That shadow’s gonna be your star.”

James grabbed the camera and made the video close to his face, frowning and observing it as he placed one hand on his chin. “This really looks pretty authentic. A real show from a pagan goddess.” He said seriously. He turned to Meridith with a questioning look. “What’s the name of your goddess?” he asked.

Meridith shrugged. “It was something like Kruluniu—“

“It’s Krulumuniuro.” Margarette entered the living room with a tray of cookies in her hands. She was smiling, a sense of being proud about mentioning the name of the person they believed in to. “She had a longer name so the villagers preferred calling her that way, so that they won’t be speaking the longer version of her name.” She went near, placed the baked cookies down on the living room table and sat with them.

“What’s the longer version of her name?” Aldyz asked.

Margarette fell silent after a while. She was thinking about the real name, and when her expression became bright, she smiled, turned her attention back to answer Aldyz’s question. “It was Kreuioliumaire Mounumureno. People hardly pronounce it right, turned the goddess upset that the harvest became a really devastating event for the villagers for some years. Until a parliament just came out of nowhere and just one word was written: ‘Krulumuniuro’. They said that when the villagers tried that name as their call for praise, the harvest began to rise up slowly. And now it was always successful.”

“That’s pretty hard to pronounce.” James shrugged, tossed the camera back to Aldyz that he responded back with a glare before checking if his camera was alright. “By the way, is it okay if we enter the woods? Will this Krulu—goddess, be angry?”

She shook her head. “She wouldn’t be. It’s actually better if the one who’ll be going are groups so that nobody would get lost.” She replied with pure reassurance.

“Great!” Nemia said satisfied. “Let’s go out for a tour.” She suggested.

Meridith nodded to agree. “It’ll be fun.”

“I think… I’ll stay here.” Aldyz said on the other hand. He didn’t like the idea of going back to that crazy woods after that experience. He means, who in the right mind would actually want to get back to a place like that? There’s no telling if he could make it out alive.

“Oh no, no, no. My dear. Krulumuniuro will not be pleased if you will not show up after being blessed by her enlightenment. If you will let your friends go there without your presence, a possibility that they will disappear in the woods forever.” Margarette’s grandmother appeared at the entrance of the living room. Her warning caused all of them fall into silence. Everyone turned towards Aldyz who was staring at the old lady in disbelief.

Seriously? Is that what you call a fucking enlightenment from a pagan goddess? Great!

Now Aldyz didn’t have any choice but to join the gang. He didn’t bring his camera just to make sure he won’t be taking any weird footage that he didn’t want to see. Margarette joined too, serving as their guide into the forest while they made their way to have a feast beside the river.

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