The Village of Death

Have you ever heard of Charles Darwin's 'Natural Selection' or also known as 'Survival of the Fittest'?

Due to lack of resources, plagues, tradition, and their known goddess he grew up in an environment that still exist today, a village of the cannibals. His instincts drew him to become this way but was drawn away from his natural lifestyle 3 years later when the town grew modernization.

Aldyz and his city friends visited area V, a village unknown to the society that only people who used to live there knew the way, making their guide to be Margarette one of their high school friend who was visiting home.

Two individuals meeting together in different reasons but one cause. What will become of this two in the near future?


3. Chapter 2: Family Members

Chapter 2: Family Members

Aldyz parked the car as Maridith have instructed her way going into a wooden two story house just on the end of the trail road. Behind it were numerous trees unknown of where will it lead giving out a dark atmosphere towards the lonely house.

The group unloaded the car and faced the old house. The woods almost earning molds and the design seemingly to match the time in world war as the group sees it and for Maridith, it was like the way she has seen it before she left the village. It was the same village she grew up to. But the people however, gave her a new feeling that they were just a bunch of stranger in the area.

“So, we’re here. But not welcome at all.” James sighed sarcastically.

Ace shrugged feeling that the wind had given him the sense of cringing. Then he tapped James shoulder to give a reply. “I couldn’t agree more to you, brother.” He said, almost whispering.

The old door opened that notified the group that someone was there. They all watched the figure come out of the darkness and showed herself out of the shadows until Maridith gasped in recognition and the group a bit surprised. “Margarette?!” Maridith’s voice rang into the atmosphere as she happily ran after the girl who share the same face as her. Almost perfectly alike if it weren’t for the clothes Margarette was wearing.

Margarette, who stood by the porch clipped her hair behind her back as she smiled back, returning the same smile for her twin sister, advancing down the stairs to greet her sister with a wide arm embrace. Maridith laughed after they made a little distance but still held each other’s arms. “Look how you’ve grown Marga, I missed you!” she said.

“Oh, you don’t have to. We share the same face after all.” Margarette joked and they both laughed.

Maridith let her hold loose and made her sister face her friends. “By the way, these are my friends. Nemia, James, Ace and Aldyz.” She introduced.

The group waved a hand and Margarette smiled back to return her gratitude. After the introduction, the girl led the group inside the house as they all followed less awkwardly now after meeting Maridith’s sister had shown up, but also a bit uncomfortable because the house wasn’t at all what they have expected it to be.

Upon entering the door, Aldyz brought out a camera from his bag and began to take some video on the house. He made a turn taking a shot from the furniture inside the house beginning with the door they first entered in to. It had a crack near the knob and the polished color started fading. Then he made a little turn capturing the first long sofa aligned on the area he recognized as the living room, above it was the window where attached was a yellow curtain that was originally orange after the color had faded in its oldness, being swayed by the wind of the broken glass. Again the boy made another turn, suddenly capturing an image of an old man glaring at him. It made him flinch in shock taking a step back as he tripped on the floor mat and fell with a loud thud.

It made the group turned the attention to him. Then up to the old man who was standing in the living room with a glare. “You shouldn’t have come!” His croaky voice tried to give the sense of whispering.

“Oh grandpa! I told you not to leave your room!” Margarette drastically went towards his grandfather and held his arm.

But the man, still looking grumpy on the visitors pointed a finger on each one of them. “You have no idea what you are stepping in to!” he shouted still hard enough to understand with his croaking voice. “You have no idea!” he still shouted while Margarette was trying to pull him. After minutes, the girl successfully made his grandfather get back inside his room then she returned back to where the visitors are with an awkward smile.

“I’m sorry about that. Grandpa had been like that ever since he turned eighty-five. He started seeing himself stuck on world war. You know. He’s kind of, losing it.” she said trying to make a joke but the atmosphere wasn’t that good enough for her visitor to even laugh about. “O-okay…” She awkwardly looked around to look for an alibi to turn her attention in to, until she found Aldyz tapping his pants from the dust on the floor. “Are you okay?” She asked him.

Aldyz nodded to give reassurance as he turned his attention over his camera to check if there was a crack after he have fallen down the floor. After he made sure that the camera was fine, he turned it on again and continued his documentation of the house.

“Have a seat.” Maridith offered the sofas that lie on the living room. There were three of them, forming a U where it followed the three walls of the room to accommodate more than ten visitors. Then another door was making its way towards a new room and his comrades sat on the living room trying to feel their friend’s hospitality for a while. Aldyz followed the open door until the first sight his camera caught was another door leading to another room. But before he led his way to that other door, he found himself in the kitchen. the faucet was the one that took his attention since it was actually making a lot of noise, wasting water while the dishes had been set aside. Untouched like it had been there the whole day. He went over the faucet and turned it off when someone appeared out of the other door which was actually beside the sink. He turned his head towards the direction and met an old lady. She was a fat woman who wore her circular glasses and smiled lightly. A typical grandmother in the rural areas.

“Hello there, dear. Do you need anything?” she nicely asked.

Aldyz awkwardly tried to reply. He was a stranger who trespassed someone else’ kitchen now that he was aware of. “I was just… looking around.” He chuckles more to himself. “Y-you have a good house.” he complimented nicely. What kind of praise is that?! She wouldn’t buy something as obviously as your lies! He thought.

But the lady seemed to have bought his lies and smiled wider accepting the boy’s compliment. “I’m glad you liked it, dear. It’s been a while since we have visitors so please bare it with us.” she said.

“Yes. I’d do that ma’am.” he replied politely.

The old woman laughed amused. “Oh dear, you can just call me grandma too. I’m not a teacher to begin with.” she said.

Aldyz seemed embarrassed after showing an unrefined impression towards the old lady, bowing slightly to show how apologetic he was. “I’ll do that… grandma.” he uttered the last word, but clear enough for the old lady to understand.

The woman smiled back and gave a nod. “That’s helpful, dear.” She went towards the stove just across Aldyz that he didn’t noticed that was actually on and there was a kettle smoking out of its mouth. She killed the fire and closed the gas tank, taking the kettle topped with a pot holder as she went over the dining table where a thermos was opened waiting for the newly boiled water to be filled in.

Aldyz quickly followed. “I can do that for you.” he said offering his help.

“Oh dear.” the old lady smiled pleased over the boy’s kindness. She handed Aldyz the kettle and the boy faced the thermos to pour the hot water. “I’ll go ahead and ask your friends if they want some coffee. December is really cold now, it couldn’t be helped.” she said and made her way towards the living room.

Aldyz watched her leave with the camera still on to his other hand while he was pouring the hot water. He sighed after finishing its content and made his way towards the other door filling himself in and the load of smoke welcomed his entrance on the door. It was a dirty kitchen where the cooking option was on fire logs and charcoal. The fire was out that time when he entered but the smoke was still coming out of the dead fire. The old lady must have poured water to kill it that the steam was this strong for him to even see around the small room so he decided to enter back to the other kitchen and back to the living room where the old lady was gladly accommodating their group.

The boy took a video of them on the close side. When Nemia saw him getting a shot, she waved a hand on the camera. Everyone looked to his direction and all made faces and moved their own moves. James did his macho pose, Ace on the other hand was pretending to be a babysitter who was doing a peek-a-boo to a little child and the girls were left laughing on their manners.

James went closer and caressed his face in front of the camera. “How do you like to hunt this handsome, huh?” he huskily joked and everyone laughed.

Aldyz sighed in defeat. “Get off in front of the camera, James. You’re destroying my documentation.” he said.

“Oh brother, I was doing the complete opposite of your accusation.” James replied back with a British tone of voice. “You’ll get more than enough views to earn money, youtuber.” he even teased.

Aldyz hissed. “This is for public view. Don’t put dirt in my decent work.” He said seriously. But despite of him being annoyed, everyone took his statement as a joke and laughed about it.

“Your face is not appropriate for children.” Maridith teased.

“Yeah, your face is probably for porn hub.” Ace added laughing hardly.

“Sheesh guys,” James said defeated.

Aldyz turned his camera off, at the same time, Margarette and the old lady was carrying a tray of coffees in their hands and placed it on the living room table. “Come on, don’t be shy. We’ve prepared some coffee for you guys, there’s also a cookie if you want.” Margarette offered with open arms hospitality with her grandmother.


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