The Village of Death

Have you ever heard of Charles Darwin's 'Natural Selection' or also known as 'Survival of the Fittest'?

Due to lack of resources, plagues, tradition, and their known goddess he grew up in an environment that still exist today, a village of the cannibals. His instincts drew him to become this way but was drawn away from his natural lifestyle 3 years later when the town grew modernization.

Aldyz and his city friends visited area V, a village unknown to the society that only people who used to live there knew the way, making their guide to be Margarette one of their high school friend who was visiting home.

Two individuals meeting together in different reasons but one cause. What will become of this two in the near future?


2. Chapter 1: The Trip

Chapter 1: The Trip


“Ready?” James voice rang around the first floor as he looked up on the stairway of the house where Aldyz’s room stayed.

“Yeah! Just a sec!” Aldyz replied back as he slung his shoulder bag, opening his room door and ran down the stairs. He was chewing his gum on his mouth like a goat then blew a balloon using his mouth as it popped and stick down on his lower lip.

He saw James standing on the doorway waiting for him. His brother looked up finding him on the way down that gave him a cue to go on and made his way towards the car. He filled in the driver’s seat waiting for Aldyz to come out of the house. His brother made his way into the exit and made a run towards the passenger seat, he sat comfortably while chewing his gum and raised the camera on his eye level.

“Everything’s ready for the main event of one in a lifetime invitation of the so infamous Maridith Avery.” he uttered and clicked his camera as a flash of light conquered the car for a split second. “So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go get the others.” he added, giving James the privilege to start his engine and got the wheels running on the private road.

For the moment inside the car were silent, each busied themselves on their own interest as James focused on driving his newly bought monster car as he named it while his brother, Aldyz was occupied on rotating the lenses of his cameras stuffed in his bag. His older brother seemed to notice his action making him glanced at Aldyz for seconds before he looked back at the roadways.

“What’s with all those cam? Peeping tom planning to find some scandal or something?” James teased.

“Shut up.” Aldyz shot back and hid the cameras back to his bag. “Just documentation. Nothing to do with your scheming mind.”

“Oh come on, Al. I know you have a little darkness there. Show some to me and admit that you have a plan on taking pictures of Nemia on her bathing hour.” Aldyz coughed, James laughed mockingly at him. “Got ya’, little brother.”

There was the silence again. For minutes the ride had took on an awkward atmosphere over Aldyz’s embarrassment and James unexpected rebut. His little brother didn’t know that James knew he ever had a crush on Nemia whom they grew up together with. James finally halted, pressing on the car’s horn beside the house he had his car parked. With that, the door opened, letting a blonde dyed girl out of it. She was carrying a blue back pack and one small gray traveling bag hanging on her right shoulder. She had her sweet usual smile as the boys usually see --a slight curve of lips that shows half her upper teeth.

“Hey Mari! Good morning!” James greeted as he waited until the girl came close to where the car was parked, facing James who was staring back at her. “Nice hair style.” he complimented.

“Oh. This.” she held the tip of her hair and smiled wider. “Margarette told me she’s dying her hair so I did the same.” she said.

“Who’s Margarette?” Aldyz asked bewildered.

“My sister.” Maridith replied happily.

James nodded rising his hand and pointed the back seat. “Hop in. Nemia and Ace are still on hold.” he said.

“Sure.” The girl opened the back seat and fit herself in.

James started the engine again and continued his drive. Few more blocks away from Maridith’s house, the car stopped again and he pressed his horn to notify the home owner of the house where he parked in. After some minutes, the door opened and a boy got off the house with a sport bag hanging on his back.

“Late for the long ride, man!” he started approaching the people on the car with a wide smile on his face. He first arrived in front of Aldyz and greeted him with a fist bump while James leaned forward from where Aldyz sat to greet the boy too.

“At least we know you looked like someone who just woke up.” James teased.

Ace laughed. “Sheesh. How did you know me so much, am I your real brother?” He sarcastically asked then turned to Aldyz who was quietly opening his bag and brought his camera out again. “No offense Al.” he added on his first sarcasm.

Aldyz looked up at him. “What about?” he asked.

“Nothing in particular. I guess you’re not listening to my joke as always.” Ace sighed.

“Oh, were you joking?” Aldyz asked back.

Maridith laughed. “Get along already, you two.” she said with her tone of joke.

Ace made his way towards the back seat and slumped his back on the cushion. “That will not happen. Unless, he would actually laugh over my ‘humor’.” he muttered childlike that Aldyz simply ignored.

“Well, forgive my introverted little brother, Ace. He hasn’t learned the meaning of jokes.” James now continued his drive and for the last time, five minutes away from Ace’s house, he parked his car again and called out the last of his friend.

Nemia was already outside her house, seating on the bench beside the sidewalk with a book on her hand as she normally does everytime James would come to get her for an out of town trip. She stood up after seeing James’ car stopped in front of her with a greeting of smile from the people inside it. “Hey there miss conservative! Tuck yourself in and let’s get out of this place and never returnin’.” Ace yelled to call her.

Nemia laughed for a reply. “Oh Ace, don’t sound like that. My mom might think that we’re going to elope or something like that.” she joked.

The boy chuckled. “That’s funny. Right after my ex-girlfriend’s mom told me that.” he replied.

James finally started the long ride. For a moment Nemia, Ace and Maridith were chatting on the back seat over the last few days they had for remedial classes before they were finally allowed for the Christmas break. The three have been staying at school classes for the past week and was able to get their grade into a promotion for the next semester. James joined in to share his passing grades with flying colors, allowing him to earn his friends’ mocks in disbelief. While Aldyz, quiet as always, had been playing his camera and was documenting the roadway as they take the route over the woods.

That road wasn’t taken noticed by industrialization for years since the road will only be leading into an unfamiliar village and Maridith was part of that area before she was taken in by her aunt five years ago to study into the city lights. But after that, she no longer had the time to get some word on what’s happening. Until five years later, a letter came in her address with a given map saying that she should visit home and at least introduced some friends to her family.

It was a long ride after all, making the ride quieter as the argument turns dull and the environment became just another bunch of trees and the car lulling them until they fell asleep. Now it was only the sound of engine alive and the unrefined movement of the car every time the wheels encounter a rock. The car stopped for a little while to let James exchange places with Aldyz on driving unknown of how long the ride would probably take as his little brother let him have his rest. It has been three hours and no residence was sighted close for restroom or to ask how close or far were the group on finding where Maridith’s village was.

Another three hours and Aldyz saw an old lady walking beside the road. Although he couldn’t see who it was he still knew that it was an old lady for the she way walked, back had been slightly hunched and her body built was smaller like of a child. Exactly where the woman stood, the boy halted his car and faced the woman who was trying to cover her face to avoid being recognized.

“Uhmm, excuse me.” Aldyz politely began. “Is there a town close by?” he asked.

The woman nodded. She pointed straight ahead of the road as though she was trying to tell that the village was clear in sight.

Aldyz then started the engine, thanked the old lady and drove away. After a couple of minutes, he could finally pass through houses and people on the road. Some were giving a glance and other tried to hide their faces the same as the old lady who didn’t want to be recognized at all. Pretending to be criminal, huh? Aldyz though while he chuckled silently not to get attention from his friends.

And one by one, his company woke up and looked around the area. “Wow, your place didn’t kiss any touch of modernization at all my dearest Maridith.” Ace teased.

“Well. It’s kinda weird. This place is still the same when I was here.” Maridith said in amazement. Also surprised from what her place has been until now. “Seriously, this is really weird.” she repeated in whisper that nobody managed to hear her last muttering.


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