Anna and Harry get married and have kids will they be twins


1. Marriage and Kids

‘Hey baby' ‘hey…wow the baby's kicking’ Harry said ‘my little footballer’ I said ‘ Aw we need to discuss baby names love’ ‘ Ok love 2 minutes’

5 minutes later

‘You ready yet baby’ I said ‘Yes coming love’

1 hour later

‘So if it's a boy Carson or Caden’ Harry said ‘and if it's a girl Emily or Maisie’ I said confidently

Harry said ‘ I need to shoot off babe I have a rehearsal call’ ‘Ok see you later' I said as he kissed me on the forehead Harry said ‘see you a bit later on Anna I love you’ I then said ‘ Love you too bye’

10 minutes later

‘I guess I will clean the house and let the dogs outside’ I said to myself ‘come on doggies let's go play come on’ I said to my dogs as I was letting them out the back door

I heard my phone start to ring ‘I wonder who it is’ in my mind I was hoping it was harry. I picked up my phone and looked who it was it was my mother ‘hello mum’ I said as I answered the phone she said ‘can you come over quick please Anna’. At this point I knew it was serious I started to panic ‘I'm on my way mum’

When I got there she had thrown me a surprise baby shower. Only my mum and me know the gender of the baby or babies. ‘M-mum’ I stuttered ‘Thank you so much I love it’ ‘your welcome love’ she said ‘where's Harry’ she also asked ‘he had a rehearsal call so he will be home late’

After hours of time at my mums house I finally got home with my laptop ringing I take a look and it's a Skype call from Harry ‘Harry I missed you what's up babe’ I said and then I blowed a kiss to him

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