Poems of Anger and Tears

This is a comprehensive book of all the poems I have written. The topics, structures, and emotions presented vary with each poem.


1. Twists and Turns

 Twists and Turns


  I feel confused, confounded,

  And utterly clueless.

  I know what I need to do,

  I know how I feel,

  Yet I simply don't know where to even start.


  Like a mouse in a maze,

  I know where my goal lies,

  But I am surrounded by twists and turns,

  That block my mind from thinking straight.


  I try to grab and collect my thoughts,

  But they escape,

  And run free through the night,

  Alerting all my senses,

  Replaying every bad memory,

  As I remain trapped and helpless.


It becomes to much to bare,

  And I cry,

  I cry myself to sleep, 

  As my own mind punishes me,

  For my every wrong doing.


Using twisted ways,

To turn me against myself.



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