Poems of Anger and Tears

This is a comprehensive book of all the poems I have written. The topics, structures, and emotions presented vary with each poem.


2. Dear Society, I'm Not What You Think

                                               Dear Society,

For too long,

you have assumed you know me,

even to the point you think you know how I feel,

or what I think.


As if I am some natural law,

that is forever the same,

I'm not.

I'm not what you think.


I'm more like a seed, 

slowly growing,

rapidly changing,

and never the same.


You can not read me like a book,

or find my thoughts in a code,

but you can and should listen,

if you have any desire to know me.


I am not the perfect daughter,

you seem to think I am.


I am a girl afraid of being punished,

for something as simple as not smiling,

when I simply can not.

I'm not what you think.


Like a chameleon I change,

adapting to my surroundings,

and hiding my true colors,

my true feelings.


I suffer from internal and emotional conflict, 

because you, Society, decide that I'm "just in a mood,"

well excuse me, I'm not.

I'm not what you think.


So don't you dare try to form a clear picture of me,

because you are missing half the puzzle pieces,

and the pieces you actually have are flipped upside down,

backside towards you.


This poem, like an unfinished symphony,

is an essay without an ending,

a cause without an effect.


I am,

what I know I am,

But not what you think...


                                       With little love,

                                                                   An Unfortunate Member of Society




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