Confessions of a Private School Girl Entering the Real World

A diary of a private school girl's first year in the real world with real people. It's a wreck, let me just say that now, a complete and utter mess.

Contains sex, love, drugs and all things in between. Warning some people may get triggered.


2. Introduction



Basically this is my diary which I'm going to try update as much as possible. I already have so much to write. I'm 18 years old and I am in my first year of college studying psychology. A lot has changed and I have changed so much since beginning this new 'chapter' of my life. So much has already happened.


I graduated from a private all girls school, one of the top in the country and obviously a very sheltered and controlled environment. The focus was on academics and prestige. People of the same kind of upbringing were brought together into a safe bubble. My final year almost destroyed me as I overworked myself which lead to a very unproductive first year of university as I burned myself out. Although it prepared me to work hard and got me into university, it did not prepare me for the personal issues and emotional turmoil I would face this year.


In 6 months I have grown so much.

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