The other side of love

A person, turns past love story into, poem oneday the best story of a love connection finds her in the world of music and suddenly, The great story finds everyone, and best love was in the ️️️secret land where oceans met.
Until the love became another day, and another visit, to find the poems of land unknown...


1. Story of the poems

it was, was a fair day and love of many, a bird flew way up found the best story, of a poem of great and masterful, awesome, she flew, an d found her song very new but still, it needed the very thing that was inside the story she became.

The next journey would send her to a island left by a poem to find a story of some love and great poems for comfort, it would be the best story of love and poems in the day the island was there, yet for some  unknow reason this island, she thouht was there simply dissapeared.

As strange as she loved music her songs and the guitar she though was one her, only hand a story of the other side was about her great poems and amny had been in a mystery.

They suddenly seemed that they would be going in a boat far far, away as an island, she kept the music it had complete mystery it kept her voice alive, and the great sudden singing she once had , now was gone.

Suddenly the island came a mysterious poem had changed course and the land she, be heading was to write music, and be inspired and find the way the old, island and its inhabitants wrote and spelled, songs.

First her poem needed to be worked on, it had her ice tea and very comfy feather aside the best love story ever. It was not just a love story but, missing poems and night songs 

The sudden page that was a poem was drifted a quite place, in the ocean she desired to stay as fast her mind change, and then read and see the true meaning of this love story..

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