School newspaper photographer and author, Amy Winters, find her sell in an unexpected situation. Catching feelings for one of her sisters frequent high school flings.


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Walking down the same hallways for 185 days straight, gets old very quick, very, very quick. You pass by the same people, the same rooms, the same expressive faces, the same criticizing whispers. You learn to deal, with such idiocy than anyone should. Welcome to high school. I’m Amy Winters, and you guessed it winter is my favorite season. Now that all the jokes are done, my name is Amy Winters. High school paper editor and class of 2019 photographer. Now just by my high school professions, you got this picture in your head, right? Petite girl, big bulky black glasses, blue eyes and brown hair, never out of a ponytail, and she wear olive green for majority of her life. Well damn, you are one heck of a good guesser. People often judge me for this, typical, look I fancy. Well I prefer comfort, over style. But being an editor sometimes you just want to, edit some people out of a literary piece... or life. That works too I’m guessing. The one person I’ve always wanted to edit out of my life is, Kayla Winters. Kayla is my older sister, just by one year. We look almost the same, despite the different styles in clothing, you would never be able to tell us apart on your first try.


Kayla is always bringing new flings, guys in general, to our house. It gets very annoying, distracting, but the tiniest bit great. It’s a blessing and a curse, a two-way street, a dead end with a view. You can already picture my sister, right? A slim blonde with a dumb outside covering but an Einstein hollowed heart. She’s great, has a great life, great people to surround herself with. One of these people being her boyfriend, kinda. It’s always an on again off again relationship. Once a week they are just fine, cuddling on the couch, the next I’m grabbing $20 to go buy a new vase that my sister broke during one of their arguments. Which my mother or father is never home to yell at her for, but that’s beside the point. It’s never fair, I’m always covering up for her and what do I get, a softer shove in the hallways.


Besides, Kayla bringing guys home is a plus, sometimes. I always get the occasional smile from random guys that belong to a higher social class in school. Especially this one guy, Tommy. No matter who he’s with or what he’s doing as soon as our eyes meet, he always bears the sweet smile I adore. His chocolate brown hair is always swept to the right, sometimes to the left if he’s feeling it I guess, and it always compliments his smile. The contrast of a pearl white smile and cocoa bean colored eyes is pleasing to the eye, anyone, and everyone’s eye.


And this time his gaze was even more captivating than ever before. Maybe it was the way the sun glistening off of his irises. Or the fact that I’ve been crushing on him since my freshman year of high school. I smile at him and turn back to my phone, proceeding my trudge through the halls. I had to go to my English teacher to finish up an assignment, so the faster I got there the better. I look up to see if I’ll bump into anyone and look back down. My head flings up and I see Tommy walking up to me, an interesting topic in his head.


“Hey...Alison?” He says, grabbing a hold of my shoulder and stops me from walking.


“Um...Amy… yeah, it’s Amy.”


“Sorry...Amy,” his pearly whites appear again making my stomach flutter,”do you know where Kayla is? I needed to talk to her. We were um “talking” again. I should really apologize for what I did this time.”


“You guys were arguing? What about?”


“Yeah, something stupid the more I look at it. I decided to surprise her with some flowers and a teddy bear but apparently bought the wrong one.” I took this time to notice his facial features right now. His eyes bore deep bags and his eye bloodshot. His hair slightly messier now that I’m seeing him up close.


“Maybe… you shouldn’t be the one apologizing,”


“No, I’m the one at fault. At least I think I am. I’m not so sure I just don’t want to keep doing this, but I don’t want to lose her either...”


“Look, Tommy, I have to go to English…”


“Amy, I need your help. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Please,”


“You don’t even talk to me, why ask me for advice all of a sudden?”


“Cause you’re my girlfriend's sister, I need the inside scoop.”


“Well, in that case, you aren’t stuck between a rock and a hard place, like at all. You just don’t want to lose the reputation of ‘perfect high school couple’. But who am I to say that right?” I turn my back on him and start to continue the trudge until his feet pick him up and continue following me.


“That’s not it at all Amy, you know that I’m not like that,” he starts,”I’d never hurt your sister.”


“Never said you would, did I,” I pulled him into an empty classroom,” but you never said that you wouldn’t hurt anyone else in the process.”


He slowly jumps up on a desk in the isolated classroom. What was I even doing? I’ve never officially talked to him and here I am, giving him advice as if we’re childhood best friends.  


“Again I’m asking you Tommy, why all of a sudden? You two always talk it out. Why start with me now. You act as if I’m invisible in and out of school. I’m not going to be the main source of your relationship issues, because as dumb as you can be, you know my sister will start blaming me if she ever finds out.”


“No, she won’t-”

“You’re blindsighted all the damn time. Fix that and you’ll be fine.” I walk out of the classroom, closing the lights behind me, regardless the toned and fit body that sat stunned.


I get to my English class, take my paper from the teacher and finish it before the first period officially starts. Oh goodness, why do I feel as if this is the beginning of the end?

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