Surgeon's Scalpel | Inspired by Grey's Anatomy

|Inspired by Grey's Anatomy|
Author's Note: This story is about surgeons who work in Holston Hospital. This is inspired by Grey's Anatomy, so there may be some similarities. I'm not the best writer, so I apologize for spelling / grammar mistakes. Happy reading! <3


1. Character List!

Lace Baxter: head of trauma ; brother Evan Baxter

Evan Baxter: head of general ; sister Lace Baxter

Alec Holston: Head of surgery ; brother Ace Holston

Jordan Delton: head of pediatrics

Casey Santana: head of plastics

Liam Baker: head of cardio

Irene Lavossa: head of neuro 

Kichi West: Intern

Olive Holland: Intern

Ace Holston: Intern ; brother Alec Holston

Bunny Parlay: Intern

Valerie Blue: Intern


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