Surgeon's Scalpel | Inspired by Grey's Anatomy

|Inspired by Grey's Anatomy|
Author's Note: This story is about surgeons who work in Holston Hospital. This is inspired by Grey's Anatomy, so there may be some similarities. I'm not the best writer, so I apologize for spelling / grammar mistakes. Happy reading! <3


2. Chapter 1 | The Interns

"Alec is going to walk through those doors with new interns, you guys excited?" Lace said as she walked into the break room.

"Nope, interns will just screw everything up," Evan said as he stood staring at a patient's file.

"Well Evan, you're just a pessimist!" Lace explained as she turned to Jordan, "What about you Jordan?"

"I agree with Evan," Jordan said as he stood up, and walked out to answer a page.

"I don't know, I feel like the extra help will be nice," Lace said as she sat down.


"Can you believe it? Our first day of surgeons!" Kichi said as a bright smile filled her face.

"Surgeons? Hardly, I doubt we'll even be holding a scalpel by the end of 5 months!" Ace exclaimed.

"You never know, I mean maybe these people are nice!" Bunny said as she walked ahead.

"Oh gosh not an optimist...great," Ace said as he ran up to Bunny.

"Better than being a pessimist, Ace" a girl said as she walked past them all.
"You're a pessimist too Val," Ace said defending himself.

"Sorry what I mean is, it's better than being your kind of pessimist," Val said as she sat down.

"The emails are out! Who are you guys with today?" Kichi said as she practically jumped out of her chair.

"Plastics," Ace said.

"Cardio, sweet!!" Bunny exclaimed.

"I'm on Peds," Kichi said.

"Trauma," Valerie said. 
"Well.. let's get to it I guess?" Bunny said.


"Uhm excuse me do you know where Dr. Delton is?" Kichi asked.

"OR, or PEDS floor," Evan replied as he was checking a chart.

"Right, thanks," Kichi said as she awkwardly stood there. 

"You don't know where it is, do you?" Evan asked as he looked up from his chart.

"Bingo bongo," Kichi awkwardly said.

"Follow me," Evan said as he let out a big sigh.

Evan led the way through a couple of hallways, and onto the elevator. Eventually the elevator reached the 4th floor.

"Peds floor," Evan said.

"Oh thanks Dr. Baxter, Kichi said as she got off."

"No problem," Evan said as he closed the elevator doors.

Kichi walked down the halls of the peds floor, and she eventually found Dr Delton.

"Ah Dr. West you finally decided to join me," Dr Delton said as he walked out of a patient's room.

"Sorry I got lost, Dr. Baxter had to help me find my way to the peds floor," Kichi explained. 

"Alright, can you just fill these out for me?" Dr Delton said as he handed her charts.

"Oh sure," Kichi replied.


"How did your first day go Bunny?" Kichi said.

"It went fine, just got to meet patients, and fill out charts," Bunny explained, "What about you?" 

"It went meh, I got lost, and I said bingo bongo to someone who I think doesn't watch Steven Universe," Kichi said as she looked to the ground.

"Oh my gosh!!" Bunny said as she started laughing.

"Kichi, Bunny! Want to go out for drinks?" Ace said as he ran up to them.

"No, I don't drink," Kichi said.

"What come on! What about you Bunny?"
"Well I did have a date with my computer tonight, but yeah I guess," Bunny said.
"I'm going to go home, night Ace, night Bunny!" Kichi said as she walked to her car.

"Night Kichi!" Bunny and Ace said.

End of chapter 1 =)




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