My best friends brother...


4. chapter 3


I have no idea why Charlie is always so bitchy about me making jokes like take a chill pill.

“Alright you guys gotta go I gotta stay with these two for the rest of the day I’ll catch all of ya next week.” I wave off my friends.

“Okay then hi I’m Andre.” I sit down.

“Ella pleasure to meet you.”

“Yeah you too”

Charlie coughs, I push him.

“Shut it” I growl as he smirks.

“You can’t do nothing.” He laughs.

“Why Cos your lil friend is here... whatever.” I say grabbing him and getting him into a headlock, Ella sits giggling as she gets entertained by us two arguing.

We both sit down as our mum walks out.

“ oh Ella it’s good too see you here again!” Our mum said hugging her, Ella hugs back “ it’s always a pleasure to be back.” She beams.

“Well the fridge is full of food make yourself ya home” mom smiles.

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