Of the Healing Blood

When Anna was eight, she saw her best friend get eaten alive in the woods. It wasn't by a bear or anything else, just something sinister. Anna should've died as well-if not for Ky. Ky is two years older than her, and not human.

Suddenly, Anna is thrust into the world of demons and monsters, where everything is real, and make-believe exists.
There's one catch: Anna's blood can make anything heal instantly, which makes her a target for every demon known to man. And not only that, she doesn't belong to Ky, but to his older brother Shane.


Author's note

To all my wonderful followers who have more patience than I do. I'd like to thank you for sticking to this dumbass writer who's slow to update.

3. Run!

         I'm on my feet before I know it. My heart hammers in my chest, and my feet move before I can think. I remember in science class, Mrs. Jeanine taught us that in dire situations, our brains release a chemical known as 'adrenaline', that helps us either fight, or flight.

        I chose flight, because there's no way I can fight whatever that thing was.

        My green eyes scan for the talisman I had placed on a boulder to find my way out of the woods. Desperately, I continue on, my legs burning from exertion.

        Just when I'm about to scream in anger, the bright purple shredded bow finally catches my eye. Elation fills me-removing the sense of dread that I felt since I saw Jace die- and I want to laugh manically... until I run into something fleshy. I fall backwards on my bottom, and I rub my side.

     "You're really bad at this game Anna. I waited for you for about a million years." a voice says, before I can say anything.

       I look up, and feel tears prick my eyes; it's Jace and he looks alive instead of the mess of blood, and meat I had seen. His face is a little pale, but he smiles that superior smile, and I want to hit him.

     Or hug him.

    "I thought you died." I stutter out, grabbing his hand as he helps me up.

   "Died? What game were you playing, 'cause I was playing hide and seek."

     I wrap my arms around his waist, and bury my face in his thin gray sweater. He smells like sweat, and blood, but I can hear his heart beating, the air going in and out of his lungs.

     Awkwardly, Jace pats my back, but he hugs me as well. As I'm about to pull away, however, his grip on me tightens.

    With force, I lean backwards to try and break his grip. He only adjusts me, so now he's holding me by my arms, my back to him.

     "Jace, let me go!" I cry out, the feeling that something is really, really wrong and I should've left when I had the chance.

      A rumble of words echo throughout the forest, and a black shadow forms six feet in front of me. It solidifies into a black cloak, and then the black cloak has a face.

      The monster had tricked me-it had caught me and now I was dead.

     He glides towards me, his footsteps making no noise on the dead leaves. His eyes stare at me, confused, yet hungry. I struggle with Jace's hold, even ram my elbow on his side. It doesn't even faze him, he just holds me tighter.

     "Ahh, my true meal. I could smell you from the other side of town. Your blood was singing to me, begging for me to drink it. But you kept running away from me, pet, and well, your scent was all over this boy," his hand gestured to Jace, "so there was a mix-up. Now, don't fret, my dear, he's still alive, just without a soul. Everything that made him him is gone; now he's just a mindless shell who follows all my orders because I'm his Master." his rasp of a voice says. The monster tilts his head towards me, and he takes a step closer, eyes lit with hunger.

     I don't blink, letting the tears fall. 

    And then the sleeve of his cloak falls back, revealing black hands, with abnormally long sharp claws. He eyes me, shrugs, than impales his claw into my left shoulder.

    I scream, and thrash, trying to elude from Jace's grasp, but his hold is true, and I can do nothing except feel the warm red liquid drip on the sleeves of my sweater, staining it purple.

    The demon nears his lips to the wound, and begins to drink. He pulls back, and grins a bloody smile at me.

   "Truly, you were worth the wait. I can already feel my energy replenished. Now, don't worry, dearie, I won't leave a single piece of you-I already have your little friend as a servant, and I don't want more than one serving me so-"

     The air begins  to swirl, cutting off the next words he's going to say. Black feathers mix with leaves, and he glances around, alarm shining in his red eyes.

    I look up, feeling pins, and needled attack my arm, and I watch in awe as the black feathers join together creating two wings, then creating a body. As the feathers clear, a boy stands in the midst of it all, white-hot fury plain on his face.

   His hair is black, his eyes a dark blue. He looks pale, and he's wearing a black jacket with black faded jeans. He looks about ten, only two years older than me, and a white light shines in his extended arm. As it disperses, a long sword with a shiny black handhold appears in his hand.

    Should I be afraid of him, or is he here to save me?

    The demon wipes the blood residue on my torn sweater, and sighs.

   "Ky, to what do I owe the pleasure of seeing you here?" he asks, facing the boy-Ky-and hiding me with his cloak.

    I wonder if Jace knows what's going on; I wonder if he cares.

    "Knoex, that girl that you're devouring happens to be under the protection of the Crow clan." the boy states, the light hitting his sword perfectly.

    "I see, nor smell no mark on her and thought she was free game. Besides, you probably want her for her healing blood just as I do." the claws extend, something dripping off of them. "However, I DON"T SHARE."

      Then he lunges towards Ky.

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