Of the Healing Blood

When Anna was eight, she saw her best friend get eaten alive in the woods. It wasn't by a bear or anything else, just something sinister. Anna should've died as well-if not for Ky. Ky is two years older than her, and not human.

Suddenly, Anna is thrust into the world of demons and monsters, where everything is real, and make-believe exists.
There's one catch: Anna's blood can make anything heal instantly, which makes her a target for every demon known to man. And not only that, she doesn't belong to Ky, but to his older brother Shane.


Author's note

To all my wonderful followers who have more patience than I do. I'd like to thank you for sticking to this dumbass writer who's slow to update.

1. Preface

    He stood with his back to them all, the leader of the Crow demons. Raven black hair that was pulled back from his pale face, and a black button up with dark jeans. His feet were bare, and his posture showed irritation, and aggression.

  "You know I can take you out of this clan, Tomas? You're breaking millennia of years of tradition." he said, still faced away.

    A man with dark black hair, and a touch of gray was on his knees. Not out of fear, but for respect. His blue eyes showed nothing but determination.

    "He loves her, Saul. My oldest knows not of this emotion, and I can already imagine their future together. He's not-"

    "He looks ready to me, Tomas. Are you saying my judgement is impaired? That Lumina had more sense than you do?"

     At the mention of his deceased, yet traitorous wife, anger and sadness flared up in the middle of Tomas's chest. Were it not for her, his younger son could have continued on his training, and became the next leader of his clan. Tomas looked up at Saul's back.

     He knew what must be done.

    "Cast me out, if you must. But I believe in Ky. He has something that  Shane does not. Please, don't let tradition keep you blind."

     Saul turned to Tomas, and thought about Tomas's fate.

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