Of the Healing Blood

When Anna was eight, she saw her best friend get eaten alive in the woods. It wasn't by a bear or anything else, just something sinister. Anna should've died as well-if not for Ky. Ky is two years older than her, and not human.

Suddenly, Anna is thrust into the world of demons and monsters, where everything is real, and make-believe exists.
There's one catch: Anna's blood can make anything heal instantly, which makes her a target for every demon known to man. And not only that, she doesn't belong to Ky, but to his older brother Shane.


Author's note

To all my wonderful followers who have more patience than I do. I'd like to thank you for sticking to this dumbass writer who's slow to update.

5. Eight years later...

      I awaken to the sound of my alarm. It's six-thirty, and I sit up, the shivers and thoughts of my dream long forgotten. I glance at my calendar and groan; it's October twenty-third, my sixteenth birthday.

      I grab my phone, and skim the happy birthday messages my friends, and Dad have sent me. I reply to all of them, and then throw the covers off my body. A strange hiss noise fills my room. 

     My eyes go to the side of my pillow, where nestled there, is a weird lizard-like demon. His red eyes blink sideways at me, and it hisses again. He must smell something tasty, because he scuttles closer to me. When he sniffs the air, he jumps up at me, his mouth a gaped.

      Like a reflex, my left hand lashes out, and smacks the little guy on his head. It's hard enough that he hits my wall, and poofs into black smoke, gone to wherever he belongs.

      Stretching, I get up from my bed, and prepare myself for the day.



      Thirty minutes later, I'm done and ready to go to school. My mother already went to work, so I'm wondering if she'll remember that today is the day she gave birth to me. I know that if I was living with my dad, he would've taken me to iHop for a birthday breakfast.

     Grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl, I go outside and lock my door. Since the school's only three blocks from my home, and it's not cold outside, I walk, humming the birthday song to my self.

     Once I get to the second block, my steps slow. There's this house that I would go to when I was younger, and it was always alone. My best friend Jace and I would always have adventures here.

​     When he got sick, however, I went to the house by myself, and played. But I wasn't alone. There was this boy who was ten that now lived there. For the life of me, I couldn't remember who he was, or what he looked like. All I remember, was that one day, he grabbed my hand, and told me to stay by his side.

     They moved away, and the house is still alone.

     My eyes stare at the window, and I swear the curtain flutters a little.

     I turn around, and continue with my walk.

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