I Am The Bad Boy's Mate

Love Is Real
You Just Have To Find It

Mia James Is A Shy Girl.
She Has Friends Who Care For Her And She Cares For Them
But She Wants Someone To Love Her

Alex Stevens Is The Schools Bad Boy
He Is Also A Bad Boy And A Werewolf
He wants to find his mate

What Happens When Alex Can Feel That Mia Is His Mate? Will Mia Believe Him? Can Alex Protect Mia From Everything That Harms Him And His Kind?

Story Of Romance, Betrayal, Friendship, Action And Hatred




1. 1

I walked down the school halls towards my locker were I need to put some books away, from far away I could see my three best friends Zoe, Lissa and Riley standing there and waiting for me to come say hi. I don't live that far away from the school about 30 minutes so I just walk I'm not from a very rich family no one is here well apart from Alex the schools bad boy apparently he is loaded and lives in the mansion on Church Street. When I arrived at my locker my friends looked at me and smiled.

"Hey guys" I said smiling.

"Hey" They replied.

I smiled softly and opened my locker where I put some of my books away, my first class today was Health none of my friends were in it which sucked. Actually none of my friends are in any of my classes so I just sit in the back and try to hide away, I'm not a very talkative person I am very shy and only talk to the people I know but that's why I also have good grades because I do my work and no one bothers me. When I walked towards health I bumped into Alex and gasped.

"I'm so sorry" I mumbled scared of what he was going to do but he didn't do anything.

"No its fine" Alex said and looked at me smiling a little.

This is the first time a boy had smiled at me as they walked by or up to me, I blushed when I walked away it was kind of nice having a guy smile at me. Half of the guys here when they see me they have a disgusted look on their face and turn away, I would really love a boy I could date and won't care about what I look like. It kind of hurts when some of the guys do this, Riley my only guy friend likes me as a a sister and I only like his as a brother but I want someone to love me more than a close friend. When I entered the health room I took my normal seat up the back were no one could distract me or see me which I like, after I had gotten everything out of my bag I saw Alex sit down next to me and my eyes shot wide open as I faced him.

Never in health has he sat by me so why is he now? It was kind of weird to see him sitting back here with me while his friends were in the middle, I shook my head and did my work. Half way through the lesson I saw Alex reach over to my table and place a note on my desk, I looked at him and saw his smile again this was very weird but something inside me told me to open it which I did.

'Meet me at 3:30 behind the bleachers
- Alex

Why the hell does Alex want to meet me behind the bleachers? But I had to go something was telling me to go but I don't know what, I wish someone could tell me what was going on here, Alex the bad boy has suddenly started to notice me and tell me to meet him somewhere this is just way weird. Alex never does this to girls so why am I the first? Is he going to use me? I just have to wait and see.

(That morning)

I was walking down the school halls with my friends also known as my pack, yes I am the alpha of the pack which means I need to find my mate and soon otherwise someone else could take my position as Alpha. I was getting to my locker when Mia bumped into me, a gasp escaped her lips as she realized it was me.

"I'm so sorry" Mia said.

I knew she was my mate, if you want to know why my wolf was going crazy.

"No its fine" I said and smiled a little at her.

Mia looked kind of happy when I smiled at her, hmm... I wonder why? I watched as Mia past me and walked down the hall to Health which was also my next lesson, I have the same classes as Mia so it made it easier to watch her. As Mia left my wolf calmed down, see Mia is my mate I have never felt my wolf go that crazy before.

"Alex you okay?" My friend Damion asked.

"Yeah I am Damion, I think I just found my mate" I said and Damion stood in shock.

"What Mia? Nerd and shy Mia" He laughed and I just gave him a look which stopped him from laughing.

"Look just because she does her work doesn't mean she is a nerd, maybe she is shy because she doesn't know many people so leave her alone and if she is a nerd so what" I snapped at Damion before opening my locker.

When I had my books I headed off towards health, this lesson wasn't going to be easy I knew my wolf would play up again if I see or hear Mia's voice, her voice was so soft and pure it made me think of my mothers. My mother and father had past away due to being hunted down by hunters when I was 10 I became alpha when I was 16 but I knew my younger brother Matthew would have taken my place if I didn't find my mate but now I have and I can keep being mate. When i entered health I spotted Mia at the back this is where she always sat, I past my friends and sat next to Mia who looked up at me in shock I think. Probably wondering while I was sitting next to her or paying her any attention, I could feel my wolf get excited again when Mia's eyes locked my for about 2 seconds. Half way through the lesson I handed her a note saying to meet me at the bleachers after school, I needed to make her mine I needed to bite Mia and let everyone know I found my mate.

After a long hard and boring lesson of health I watched Mia as she walked up to the teacher, but I could tell already that the teacher was a werewolf he was knew here and only started a few days okay, I knew there was something about him but I can feel this aura around him that makes me feel uncomfortable like he is evil or something. I watched him glare at me as I left the room okay that was weird none of the teachers glare at me even if I am a bad boy they either roll their eyes or don't talk to me but glaring is different.



It was now 3:29 and I waited for Alex to come, I sighed and shivered as a cold breeze started to appear and this was not cool at all, I had to wait for a guy I didn't know in the freezing cold.

"Mia" Alex said which made me turn.

"Hi Alex what did you want to see me about?" I asked.

Alex walked up closer to me and my heart started to pound in a good and bad way, Alex brushed his fingers against my neck which made me shiver at his cold touch.

"I wanted to tell you that you are mine and no one else can have you" He whispered trailing me neck.

"What are you talking about I am not yours" I said but Alex was doing something to me and I didn't know what.

But I felt weak and tired, I had fallen into his arms almost drifting off to sleep before I saw him place four sharp teeth into my neck and shoulder, I couldn't help but groan as he bit me and my eyes closed.



I used one of my powers to weaken Mia which actually worked, I caught her as she fell into my arms and I could see her eyes beginning to fall I had to do it, this was now or never. I carefully opened my mouth and felt four of my fangs appear and plunged them into her neck and shoulder, I heard a groan from Mia which meant she was my mate and my wolf was right when I pulled away from Mia she started to fall but I caught her again covering her bite mark with her long blonde hair. 

When I arrived to my house I placed Mia gently down on my bed and watched my pack look in awe as they saw how careful I was with Mia, she looked so fragile when she slept like someone was missing that belonged to her and I think that was me. I told my pack everything that I had felt today and they confirmed that Mia was indeed my mate, I could tell Matthew wasn't happy that I found my mate, he doesn't even have one yet either but if he lays on finger on Mia I will kill him. I don't care about family or friends Mia is mine and no one is hurting her, I have lost to many people I care about and I am not losing Mia to anyone.

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