Dreams Come True (H.S Love Story)

AnneMarie, her sister and two best friends are on a life changing journey as they head to London to show off their musical skills hoping they will get a recording contract but they get more than a recording contract.

The girls meet the ones and only ONE DIRECTION and it changes their lives forever. Read through the story of romance, friends and heartache.

It is a Harry Styles love story but also follows the relationship of Liam, Niall and Louis

Find out what happens.

Story based in 2012


2. Chapter Two

My alarm rang at 9 am, I had never felt so good. That sleep was totally worth it after a 22 hour plane ride. I sighed happy before going through my suitcase and started to unpack into the walk in wardrobe. I was going to wear a long sleeve caramel coloured jumper with jeans, boots and a beanie. I took it upon myself to have a bath. I let myself met away in the warmth of the bubbles and water.

After about 5 minutes in the bath, I dried myself and got dressed and out on my make up before I headed downstairs. We needed to go shopping as well to get food into the house. As I entered the lounge, I saw Anita, Kathleen and Emma all sitting in the lounge room curled up with the fire going and TV on.

"Alright girls, we need to start heading to the shops to buy food and get breakfast out. Than we will sight-see and get ready for tonight" I said.

The three girls nodded and stood up, each of them wearing their own style, which I loved to see. I hated anyone who told them differently. We called for a taxi which arrived in about 10 minutes and headed to the shopping complex. As we arrived, I thanked the taxi driver and gave him the money plus a tip.

We headed to E Pellicci's for breakfast first which smelt amazing. We got seated at a table near the window and Emma just started her vlog.

"Hello everyone its Emma here. We all just woke up from an eight hour sleep which was so good. I slept like a log. The girls and I are just having breakfast at E Pellicci's and their food smells amazing. On today's list. Shopping for house food, sightseeing and our first gig tonight" Emma panned the camera around the cafe and us, we all waved to the camera. Not long after Emma ended her vlog.

It didn't take us long to order or our food to come out. It was really good food. I got my normal Belgium waffles, Anita got the big breakfast, Kathleen had the same and Emma had pancakes.


We were now in the shopping center Waitrose. We all got a trolley each and chose certain aisles. I had drinks, lollies and savory foods, Anita was on canned food, fruit, hot chocolate, etc. , Emma had frozen food, meat, and dairy products and Kathleen had fresh fruits and veggies and bakery items. I was getting our cereal packets from the shelf but one of the brands was too high for me. I thought maybe if I could jump but than I'd probably fall and hurt myself.

"Here let me get that for you" A familiar but unfamiliar voice rang through my ears.

I watched as his arm grabbed the box I was after. Just as I turned around I saw him. Harry Styles. Okay play it cool Anne.

"Thank you so much" I said.

Harry smiled gently and placed the box in my trolley for. He was already a sweetheart.

"I'm Harry."

"I know. I'm Anne-Marie. Its lovely to meet you I am a massive fan of you" I said smoothly.

"You do look familiar though. Have we met before?" Harry asked.

"Unfortunately no we haven't. My sister, my two best friends and I just arrived in London this morning from Sydney. We are here for a holiday and also doing gigs" I said.

"Oh great thats cool. Wait Sydney. You are from Savvy right? Harry asked.

I swear I nearly choked. Harry Styles knew of our band. "Yeah I am. I can't believe you know us" I said with a slight giggle.

"My friend Niall found you girls on YouTube a while back. We've been fans ever since. Your music is amazing and dance moves. We'll be there at the London Tavern tonight" Harry said.

"Really? Wow. Okay. We'll try our best" I said.

"Would you like me to help you with your shopping. Niall is here somewhere..." Harry was cut off by my sister.

"Sus, you'll never guess who I saw" She said.

I giggled and Niall appeared behind her with Kathleen and Emma.

"Hi Harry" The girls said.

Harry greeted them back and we took off once again shopping. I filled my trolley with lots of lollies, chips and cans of drink. Harry helped with some things. I can't believe how nice he was. I mean I always thought he'd be nice but never this nice.

"How long are you girls staying for?" Harry asked.

"Four months but may be for ever if we get a solid recording contract" I said.

"Great. We'd be able to see more of each other" Harry said.

I nodded and handed him my phone telling him to put my number in which he did. I did the same for his. Through the shopping trip Harry and I asked each other questions back amd forth. We were now waiting in line to be served. Four trolleys full of shopping and we got locks from everyone.

As our items got scanned through. I packed the bags. Placed everything in bags as it was easier to carry.

"Anita, can you call for a taxi? Maybe get a van if possible?" I said.

Anita was about to when Harry offered.

"We'll take you back. It'll be great to get to know you girls a lot more. You don't seem as crazy as our other fans and we already like you as a band" Harry said.

I looked at him in shock. "Are you sure?" I asked.

"We are. Look I can take Anita and Emma with me and Harry will take you and Kathleen. Percentage out the bags in each car" Niall said.

I looked at the girls who were already smiling. "Okay but I'm paying you for petrol money" I said.

Harry and Niall nodded while the girls placed the bags in the trolley.

"The total of your shop is £1,550" The cashier said.

I thanked her and paid with my card. We'll split it later the bill of the food. I grabbed the recipt and told her to have a lovely day. We got to Harry's and Niall's car placing the bags in the boot of each trying to weight it out. 


We decided to skip the sightseeing but Emma will edit it in the vlog. We decided to stay with Harry and Niall at our holiday rental. The boys were amazed at how good the house was. They especially loved the recording studio already stating they may use it. Which I don't think we would mind at all. I was snuggled up in a blanket with a tea in my hands and the fire going.



Lazy afternoon after a big morning



@Harrystyles lazy ass get off you ass 😛

@heartzinmyheart are you having fun in london?

@katrosemitchels lazy afternoon it is

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