Dreams Come True (H.S Love Story)

AnneMarie, her sister and two best friends are on a life changing journey as they head to London to show off their musical skills hoping they will get a recording contract but they get more than a recording contract.

The girls meet the ones and only ONE DIRECTION and it changes their lives forever. Read through the story of romance, friends and heartache.

It is a Harry Styles love story but also follows the relationship of Liam, Niall and Louis

Find out what happens.

Story based in 2012


1. Chapter One

Chapter One

I couldn't believe today was the day. Today my two best friends, my sister and I are heading to London. Yes London. You see my sister, friends and I created a band back in 2010 when we were in high school. My sister just started year 12 and my friends and I started year 10. We created our band Savvy as we all could sing really well. My friend Kathleen was great at playing drums, my friend Emma was great at base acoustic, keyboard and base electric and my sister and I were good at guitar as well.

All four of us sang as well which made it even more possible to happen. Not to mention we all loved the X Factor made boy band ONE DIRECTION. We fell in love with them and watched all of their performances on the x factor. It sucked that they had come third but now they've won the world.

I haven't said our names yet… Silly me or even told you how old we are. Well my name is Anne-Marie, I am currently 17 will be 18 in 2 months. My sister Anita is 20, Emma one of my friends I've mentioned before is same age as me but will be 18 next month and Kathleen also gone by Kat is again same age as Emma and I only she won't be 18 until June. All four of us live in Sydney, South Australia. Since my sister Anita is over 18 we are all allowed to go and we have our families permission as well to go to London.

So we made it our dream to go overseas to London and America to perform our music hoping everyone liked our music, we had a YouTube Channel that had lots of hits and a Twitter account. Each of us on Twitter alone at about 2.3 million followers. Kathleen, Emma, Anita and I all loved to vlog so we decided to make one big vlog about our trip while on the occasion we would do our own

We are only staying in London for 4 months, we should be back around Christmas Time but our parents know that if we get offered a record label in London we'd be staying in London forever or we won't. Our parents know how important this is to us and they have always said they would never get in the way of our dreams.


Anita and I were on our way to the airport it was currently 9 am and since we were in Sydney traffic was always banked up. It was a 20 minute car ride to the airport and it normally took 50 to an hour depending on the traffic. We only had to be two hours early but our parents always made sure to be early and leave early in case something happened. Anita and I were vlogging, we either talked to the camera or we sang along to the radio.

We arrived at the international airport about 50 minutes later. My father had parked the car in the car-park that was near the airport. Helping unload the boat. We had our musical instruments shipped yesterday. They were holding it at Heathrow Airport airport for us. We walked trough the tunnel and arrived at the doors watching them open, I felt my heart speed up. I never know what it is but every time I walk through the airport doors my heart starts pounding.

It took Kathleen and Emma another 2 minutes to meet up with us but we didn't mind at all as we wanted to check in together. Their parents walking behind us keeping up with us after we had checked in. We gave our luggage to the flight lady for our flight thanking her before we headed towards the lounge. Our parents couldn't go any further than the lounge, they had to stay away as you go through a door to get to your plane.

When it was time to board. All four of us hugged our families before showing the lady our tickets and headed onto the plane waving to our parents as we began walking in. Taking our seats, since international planes have four chairs each side, we all got to sit together. It wasn't long until we took off into the sky.

"London here we come" I said giggling at the three girls next to me said the same thing.


Arriving in London after our 22 hour flight we arrived in London. It was so early, I could barley keep my eyes opened. We took off towards baggage claim letting Kathleen vlog the airport and what time it was a such. I hope we can get to our rental soon and sleep.

It wasn't long until we arrived at the holiday rental, my parents brought for us to stay in, of course we all chipped in. Walking into the rental. All four of us were amazed at how great it was. Each bedroom had an ensuite which made it so much easier since we all have a lot of stuff for when we get ready. The house even had its own music and recording studio which is amazing. Makes it so much easier than renting out a recording studio. Our instruments was already in the room as well.








I laid on the bed in my room taking a deep breath before I closed my eyes. After we wake up, we are sightseeing before are gig at the London Tavern which seemed to be booked out hopefully everyone likes us. I mean we are getting £500 each for our performance.


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