The Four

A Fire among the Plains
Gives birth to four
Four shall rise
Among the evening star one will fall
The chaos plague will be cured
When four becomes one.

Joe didn't know if he would live another day.
Jack didn't know when he would see a peaceful day.
Jay hoped her secret would stay hidden forever and life wouldn't change
Joan never wanted to see the people who plagued her dreams.


Author's note

23 1 20 20 16 1 4
20 8 5 52

1. The Four:

"Jack! Jack!"

 Jack didn't even realize he had started running. Everything seemed slowed down. He wasn't going to make it. No, he had to make it. The elder boy was bravely standing in front of his siblings. His face was determined, an unarmed boy was going to save them from the beast terrorizing the city for months. Jack still couldn't believe his squad were the ones to confront it. The beast was massive, burning red and fire leaking out of its hulking body. One could say it looked like a wolf but it was more than a wolf.

 A Gordum was fiercer than a dragon. Jack felt something tug in his gut and flames swirled at his fist. He had to make it. It's jaws opened wide, hovering above the boy. Jack jumped slamming his shoulder into the creature's side. They both tumbled down the street. Jack was thrown by it's hind leg. He landed on the balls of his feet and rolled backwards. His men knew to continue evacuating the people in the square. Standing up, his shoulder seemed angled wrong but Jack's eyes were focused on the burning gold eyes of the beast.

 It was circling him, having forgotten the plenty of other people they had rolled to. It growled, red magma like saliva dripping from it's teeth. Jack felt calm, staring at the beast. His had was still swallowed by a ball of fire which turned blue. 

 "Come on, then" He muttered. The beast turned quickly, opening it's jaw, and barreled toward Jack. It takes twelve men to take this beast down. I'm here to buy time, Jack thought. He turned at second to late, it's teeth scraping his leg, but Jack's fist slammed into the Gordum's head. It whimpered but recovered swiping at Jack. Without a second to lose a wall of fire sprung from the ground acting like a shield. Jack's right fist began swirling with blue flame again. The beast charged at Jack, to quick to dodge. It's teeth dug into his shoulder. Shaking it's head, it sent Jack flying into a market stand. Fruits went flying. 

 Coughing, Jack stood up. He glanced at his hand. He could see the beginnings of a hilt. He promised he would never do it again, but it looked like he needed it. Jack took a couple of steps forward. The beast looked back over at him. It must've thought he died. Jack grasped the hilt with both hands, flames exploded from the end, the air blew backwards. Jack nearly fell over but stood his ground. The Gordum charged again. Jack stood his ground holding the flaming claymore sideways. He pushed the blade through it's mouth, cutting the beast sideways, the beast own momentum helping the blade travel through the hide.

 Gritting his teeth, the claymore disappeared in a puff a smoke, that blended in with the smoldering two halves of the beast. Jack held his shoulder. It was dislocated. His other shoulder was bleeding horribly. He wondered how he was standing up. Jack coughed again, trying to get some fresh air into his lungs.


"You defied direct orders!"

 His commander, a towering woman, slammed her fist on her desk. She was furious, Jack didn't blame her. Orders were if you saw the Gordum, to not engage. Send help, evacuate the people and make sure it stayed there. It would've taken to long, Jack wanted to argue but he couldn't look up at her. 

 "You're lucky you didn't die. Your Awuren could've depleted easily. I'm surprised it didn't." The commander sighed sinking into her chair. "You will be dismissed for today's duties. You will stay on back-up until your shoulder heals. If it were me I would take a scroll through the city. Don't do anything rash, Strong." 

 Jack stood and saluted her. "Jack, don't live up to your given name. You don't have to." He only nodded. He saluted her again and walked out. He still didn't understand why he defied orders. Jack was the one who followed orders to the T. Walking out of the tower, Jack stood on a wall that overlooked city. Behind him was the ever evolving Iona castle. The main castle of the Blash empire. Jack sighed. The beast had caused a lot of damage and now everyone was breathing normally again.

 "We should still be on guard" Jack muttered to himself, heading out of the castle's boarders and into the ever busy city. This place never falls asleep, Jack thought smiling. That's the thing he liked about the city. It was always busy and you can blend easily into the crowd. Even if Jack was wearing full armor, no one would look twice.

 They're used to the city guards and the royal guard roaming the streets. The drafts are still going, Jack thought his anger burning in his stomach. Young boys were following a suit of armor the opposite direction as Jack. They had a choice not to join, but with this draft, there were so many young boys training and becoming soldiers. 

 They were at war. With who, nobody knew. "Sir!" Jack froze before running into a boy. He was grinning from ear to ear and his dark skin made him blend into the crowd. 

 "Um..." Jack smiled at the boy. The boy looked familiar-

 Then it hit him, "You saved my life! Thank you!" Jack hadn't even realized it until three heads appeared behind the boy. Why did Jack get involved? "Please, sir, let me thank you!"

 "Your alive, that's all the gratitude I need" Jack answered rubbing the top of the boy's head. The boy grabbed his hand. 

 "Please sir," Jack shrugged and followed the four. 


"Thank you"

 It was already night by the time Jack could finally excuse himself from the family. They lived in the poor back alleys of the city but all were smiling. The mother who had followed him out the door, smiled at him. She had one hand over her heart. 

 "You saved my boy" She put a hand over her mouth. Jack's heart stung.

 "Would you like the truth?" Jack asked looking at the mother. She seemed confused. "I got in trouble for what I did. I defied orders." He touched his injured shoulder which was throbbing from the father of the children accidentally hitting it. Jack's face fell. 

 "I can't explain it, but seeing your son protect his siblings- I felt like I was missing something. Like I've done that before-"

 "You're an orphan aren't you?" Jack looked up in surprise. The mother pulled her heavy shawl closer to her. "I can tell. You were so uneasy around me and my husband. So, it's true. Any orphans are sent to the knights?" Jack could only nod and look away.

 "Well, you're welcome to stay here, anytime you need. I would be more than happy for you to consider this a home. Please, any time you need, our door is opened."

 "Thank you" Jack nodded to her and walked away. 

 Halfway back to the castle, Jack finally turned around. He knew someone had been following him. However, Jack hadn't the slightest clue, "I know your there." Jacks annoyance leaked into his words.

 "You are the hardest person to follow." A boy, around Jack's age, melted off the walls. Jack rubbed the back of his neck. It was only Tiran, a childhood friend. Instead of becoming a knight, the bean-pole Tiran had become a spy for the King. 

 "I should've know."

 "Hey, buy a drink for some of your time?" Tiran motioned to the inn next to them. Jack looked inside. It was packed, perfect for sharing information. You would have to be right next to them to hear any conversation.



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