Spice & Sugar

Tell me would it be wrong if you fell in love. But you fell in love with the wrong person? well in my condition I fell in love with my own twin sister's fiance. But he was my first love since we were very small. The thing is how am I supposed to tell her?


1. Suprise!

I woke up to the hot sun on my face, I took off the silky blankets and put on my slippers. I opened the door and walked towards the living room. “Good morning princess would you like to eat now?” the servant bowed “yes please and make sure you eat too,” I said politely I always hated seeing royal people treat the servants badly. I had sat down and you could already smell the fresh bread baking in the oven. As my twin sister was coming to the table so she sat down and said, “There’s something I’ll have to announce later on today just giving you a heads up” “Kayla is it good new’s?” I asked “the best news you would ever hear” Kayla said as her eyes widened As soon as the servant served the breakfast to me the rest of the family had started coming down to eat as well. “Good morning Kendra,” my father said while rubbing his eyes “good morning father” I responded as Kayla stood up she said “father later today I’ll be making an important announcement” “okay” he responded the servants started to work faster and had served the food right in time. “Well, I bet the news will be good right?” my mother asked Kayla responded “yes indeed you’ll be very surprised” Kayla smiled. I was excited to know what it was going to be. As we all finished eating I had gone to my room and opened a secret door that had been hidden behind a huge thick curtain on the wall. I got a blue scarf and wrapped it around my head so it wouldn’t show my face and along with that, I carried a woven basket. But before I left I carried a candle that was already lit and followed a secret passage that led to the back of the castle. I secretly left and started heading towards the village. Since I am born in a royal family I’m not allowed to leave this place and I can only go to this garden that we have but it’s inside the castle. As I was walking I had stopped to a store where the lady was selling apples I had got 2 yellow apples and 3 green ones. I kept walking towards a lake with a huge rock that I was able to sit on. I was walking towards it till a guy had bumped into me. My apple fell on the grass and so did I with the scarf. The guy picked up my basket and placed my apples on them. He smiled “you shouldn’t be out the castle right now, how did you do it princess?” he whispered in my ear my eyes widened how did he know I was a princess. “Excuse me but do you know me by any chance?” I said whispering back “yes I do, but the thing is do you remember who I am?” he responded I tilted my head in confusement “no I don’t recall” I said “well then it won’t matter you’ll be seeing me later on” he said with a smile and left. I stood there confused what did he mean he was seeing me later? I was thinking it would be better if I had gone back to the castle so I did. As I entered back to my room I changed into a nice yellow long dress but not longsleeved dress with my hair in a bun and earrings along with it. I came down into the living room and had seen Kayla walking back and forth. “Kendra I need your help!” she said, “with what?” I replied “well uh, see you can’t tell mom or dad anything” she warned me “is this about the special announcement?” I questioned her “yea, I don’t know how to tell them” she said sounding troubled “okay just tell me I promise I won’t tell” I said with a smile “I’m... getting married”
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