My Thoughts

just my thoughts lol.


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This is just rantings about my thoughts so yeah.


Let's begin shall we?  



2 of my friends think suicide is the answer. Personally I've never believed suicide was the answer. As someone struggling with anxiety and depression, i've never thought about suicide. I don't want to be dead. Even if it means living with my anxious feelings. However I do spend some time every week looking at sad quotes because why the hell not? I feel like I don't fit in at school, or out in public. That's why I've indulged myself in the internet. My mom doesn't get it though. I have online friends who I trust. I'm not 5 I know a creeper when I see one. I never show my face to anyone until I've seen their face, or heard their voice. Sure I've been hurt by manipulative butt heads but I have people who make my happy. Maybe that's why I like writing so much? I know I've abandoned my stories on here, and perhaps I'll start again. :)

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