The new Ashton Irwin is a good boy, he doesn’t swear and has the appropriate amount of sweaters in his wardrobe. Ashton believed that he has enough distance from the dark side of his past, but arriving at college with his best friend, his path for a new beginning is quickly challenged by Northerns Walking One-Night Stand.

Luke Hemmings; Lean, Tall, Blue eyes, bad attitude and a black lip ring to pull it all together, is exactly the ting that Ashton wants— no needs to avoid.
He spends his nights fighting for money, spends the day as the campus charmer. But when he gets interested by Ashton’s resistance to his appearance, Luke tricks him into his daily life by one simple bet. If he loses, he can’t have sex for a month. If he wins, Ashton has to live in Luke’s apartment for a whole month.

Either way, Luke has no idea he has met his own match.


2. You’re not even in this class

The next day, Brad and Amber joined him for lunch. He had intended to sit alone, but as the students filled the cafeteria, the chairs around him were either filled with Brad’s frat brothers or the members of the football team, Ashton notices that some of them had been at the fight, yet no one mentioned his ringside experience.

“Brad,” A passing voice said.

Brad nodded, and Amber and Ashton both turned to see Luke take a seat at the end of the table. He was followed by two blondes, one voluptuous bottle blonde girl and a pale blonde boy both having the colleges logo on their sweaters. The boy sat on Luke’s lap while the girl sat beside him, pawing at his shirt.

“I think I just threw up in my mouth” Amber mutters lowly.

The blonde boy turned and looks in Amber direction “ I heard that, skank”

Amber grabbed her muffin and threw it down the table, barely missing the boys face. Before the boy could say another word, Luke let his knees give away, sending the boy tumbling to the floor.

“Ouch!” He squealed, then looking up at Luke.

“Amber’s a friend of mine. You need to find another lap to sit on, Rex”“Luke!” he whines, then scrambles to his feet.

Luke turned his attention to his plate, ignoring him. He looked at his sister and huffed, and they left arm in arm.

Luke winked at Amber and, as if nothing happened, he shoveled another bite into his mouth. It was then he noticed that Luke had a small cut on his eyebrow. He traded glances with Brad and then began a conversation with one of the football guys across the table from him.

Even when the crowd at the lunch table lessened, Amber, Brad and Ashton lingered to discuss their weekend plans. Luke stood up to leave but paused at the end of the table.

“What?” Brad asked loudly.

Ashton tried to ignore him for as long as possible, but when he looked up, Luke was staring at him.

“You know her, Lu. Amber’s best friend? She was with us the other night,” Brad said.

Luke smiled at him in what Ashton assumed was his most charming expression. He oozed sex and rebelliousness with his messy blonde hair and a black metal lip ring, that AShton had not seen last night, he rolled his eyes at his attempt to lure him in.

“Since when do you have a bestfriend, Am” Luke asked.

“Since junior year,” She answered, pressing her lips together as she smiled in Ashton’s direction. “Don’t you remember, Luke? You ruined his sweater”

Luke smiled “ I ruin a lot of sweaters”

“Gross,” he muttered. Luke spun the empty chair beside him and sat, resting his arms in a front of him “So you’re the pigeon,huh?”

“No,” Ashton snapped “I have a name”

Luke seemed amused the way he had regarded him, which only seemed to make him angrier.

“Well? What is it?” He asked.

Ashton took a bite of the last apple spear on his plate, ignoring him.

“Pidgeon, it is then,” he said, shrugging.

Ashton glanced up at Amber and then turned to Luke.

“I’m trying to eat here”

Luke smiled settling in for the challenge that Ash presented. “My name’s Luke, Luke Hemmings.”

He rolled his eyes “ I know who you are.”

“You do, huh?” Luke said, raising his eyebrow, the wounded one.

“Don’t flatter yourself, It’s not hard to notice when fifty drunks are chanting your name”

Luke sat up more “I get that alot” He rolled his eyes again at his reply, and Luke chuckled. “Do you have a twitch?”

“A what?”

“A twitch. Your eyes keep wiggling around.” He laughed again while he glared at him. “Those are some amazing eyes,” He said, leaning just inches from Ashton’s face “What color is that anyway? Hazel?”

He looked down at his plate, letting the curls from his short caramel hair create a somewhat wall between the two. He did not like the way it made him feel when Luke was close. He didn’t want to be like the other girls and boys at northern that blushed in his presence. He didn't want Luke to affect him in that way at all.

“Don’t even think about it, Luke. He’s like my brother” Amber warned.

“Baby,” Brad said, “You just told him no, he’s never gonna stop, now”

“You’re not even his type” she added.

Luke looked offended “I’m everyone’s type.”

Ashton peeked over at him and smiled.

“Ah! A smile. I’m not a rotten bastard after all,”

He winked “It was nice to meet you, Pidge” Luke walked around the table and leaned into Amber’s ear.

Brad threw a french fry at his cousin with a frown “Get your lips outta my girl’s ear”

“Hey, now I’m networking! Just networking” Luke walked backwards with hands up with an innocent look on his face.

A few more girls and boys followed behind him as he began to leave, giggling running their fingers through their hair. He opened the door for them ,and they all nearly squealed in delight.

Amber laughed “Oh no! You’re in trouble. Ash”

“What did he say? He asked, wary for the answer.

“He wants you to bring him to the apartment, doesn’t he?” Brad said. Amber nodded, and he shook his head. “You’re a smart boy, Ash. I’m telling you now, if you fall for his shit and end up getting mad at him, you can’t take it out on me and Amber, alright?”

Ashton smiled “I won’t fall for it Brad. Do I look like on of the barbie twins to you?”

“He won’t fall for it” Amber touched his arm to assure him.

“This is not my first rodeo, Am. Do you know how many times he’s screwed up things for me? His one night stands on the best friend? All of a sudden it is a problem being with me because it would be sleeping with the enemy! I am telling you, Ash,” he looked at him “Don’t tell Am she can’t come over or date me because you fall for Lu’s line of bs. Consider yourself warned”

Ashton nodded “Unnecessary, but appreciated” he said, he then tried to reassure Brad with a small smile, but Brad’s pessimism was driven by years of getting burned by Luke.

Amber waved, leaving with Brad as he began to walk to his afternoon class. He squinted in the bright sun, he gripped the straps on his bag. Northern was what he was hoping for, it was the smaller classroom and the unfamiliar faces. It was a new start for him; he could finally walk somewhere without the whispers of those who knew--or who at least thought they knew-- anything about his past.

He was just like any wide-eyed, over achieving freshmen on his way to class; no staring, no rumors, not even a pity or judgement. The only illusion he wanted them to see was: Quiet, no-sense Ashton Irwin.

He sat his backpack on the floor before collapsing in his chair, then leaning over to grab his laptop from his his bag. When he came back up to set it on his desk, Luke slid into the next desk.

“Excellent. You can take notes for me,” He said. He chewed on the pen in his mouth smiling, undoubtedly at his most charming.

Ashton shot a disgusted look at him “You’re not even in this class”

“The hell if I’m not. It’s probably cause I usually sit up there,” He said, nodding to the top row. A small group of girls and boys were staring at him, and he noticed that in fact there was an empty seat in the middle of group.

“I’m not taking notes for you,” Ashton said opening a new document.

Luke leaned so close that Ashton could feel his breath on his cheek “I’m sorry..did I offend you in someway?”Ashton sighed and shakes his head.“Then what is your problem?”

He kept his voice low “ I’m not sleeping with you, you should just give, now.”

A slow smile crept across his face before he spoke. “ I haven't asked you to sleep with me” His eyes drifted to the ceiling in thought “Have I?”

Ashton frowns “I’m not a freaking barbie doll or one of your little groupies up there,” he said, glancing at the girls and boys behind them “I’m not impressed by your lip ring, or your boyish charm, so you can stop your antics, okay?”

“Okay, Pidgeon” He was very infuriatingly impervious to AShton’s rudeness. “Why don’t you come over with Amber tonight?” Ashton sneers at his request, but he leaned closer. “I’m not trying to bag you, I just wanna hang out”

“Bag me? How do you ever get laid talking like that?”

Luke burst into laughter, shaking his head “Just come over. I won’t even try to flirt with you, I swear”

“I’ll think about it”

Professor Lance strolled into the classroom, and Luke directed his attention to the front of the room. A smile still lingered on his face, making a small dimple sink in a bit more. The more that he smiled, the more Ashton wanted to hate him, and yet it seemed it was the very thing that was making it impossible for him to hate Luke.

“Who can tell me which president had a wife with the bad case of the uglies and was cross-eyed?” Lance asked.

“Make sure you get that down,” Luke whispered “I’m gonna need to know that for job interviews.”

“Shhh,” Ashton said, typing quickly everything Lance said.

Luke grinned and relaxed into his seat, As the minutes passed he alternated between yawning, stretching and leaning against Ashton's arm to look at his monitor.

He made it a concentrated effort to try to ignore Luke, but his proximity and the muscles bulging from his arm had made it quite difficult to do so.Near the end he picked at the black leather band around his wrist until Lance had dismissed them. Ashton hurried out the door and down the hall. Just when he felt like he was safe distance from Luke, he seemed to have appeared right next to him.

“Have you thought about it” He asked, slipping on his sunglasses, Just then a brunette girl stepped in front of them looking hopeful.

“Hey Luke” She said, playing with her hair.

Ashton paused, recoiling from her sugary tone she was using, then walks around her. He had seen her before, she was talking normally in his morning class, her tone was more grown up then, but then he wondered what it was about a toddler’s voice would help making Luke find her more appealing. He could still her hear babbling in the higher tone before it was cut off abruptly and Luke was next to him again.

“Where was I? Oh were thinking”

Ashton frowned “What are you talking about?”

“Have you thought about coming over?”

“If I say yes, will you please stop following me.”

He considered it looking around in thought.


“Then I’ll come over”


Ashton sighs “Tonight. I’ll come over tonight.”

Luke smiles and stops in his tracks.

“Sweet. See you then, Pidge” He called after him.

Ashton rounded the corner to see Amber standing with Calum outside the boy’s dormitory. The three of the got seated at the same table at freshman orientation. He wasn’t excessively tall, but he stood over Ashton’s five feet seven inches. His brown almond eyes offset his long, lean features, and his dark brown hair had a bleached blond stripe and was usually styled in either a fringe or it was a bit curly. “Luke Hemmings? Jesus, Ash, since when did you start fishing in the deep end?” Calum said with disapproving eyes.

Amber pulled the gum from her mouth and wrapped it around her finger “You’re only making it worse by brushing him off. He’s not used to that.”

“What do you suggest? Sleep with him?”

Amber shrugged “It’ll save time”

“I told him I’d come over tonight.”

Calum and Amber looked over at each other.

“What? He promised to quit bugging me if I said yes. Youre going over there tonight, right?”

“Well yeah,” Amber said. “You’re really coming?”

Ashton smiled and headed up to his dorm, wondering if Luke would really keep his promise not to flirt. He wasn’t hard to figure out; he either saw him as a challenge, or a safely unattractive to just be as good friends. Ashton wasn’t sure which one bothered him more.

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