The new Ashton Irwin is a good boy, he doesn’t swear and has the appropriate amount of sweaters in his wardrobe. Ashton believed that he has enough distance from the dark side of his past, but arriving at college with his best friend, his path for a new beginning is quickly challenged by Northerns Walking One-Night Stand.

Luke Hemmings; Lean, Tall, Blue eyes, bad attitude and a black lip ring to pull it all together, is exactly the ting that Ashton wants— no needs to avoid.
He spends his nights fighting for money, spends the day as the campus charmer. But when he gets interested by Ashton’s resistance to his appearance, Luke tricks him into his daily life by one simple bet. If he loses, he can’t have sex for a month. If he wins, Ashton has to live in Luke’s apartment for a whole month.

Either way, Luke has no idea he has met his own match.


3. Less Sadistic?

It was three hours later, Amber knocked on his door to take him to Brad and Luke's. She didn’t hold back when he walked out into the hall.

“Yuck Ash! You look like a terrible homeless person!”

“Good,” He said, smiling at his plan. His hair was a mess of curls, he had taken out his contacts and replaced him with glasses, then he had also taken off the little bit of mascara he had on. He had on an old band tee that had holes in it with a pair of grey sweatpants and a pair of old vans. The idea had come to him hours before, either way being attractive was the plan. He would hope that Luke would instantly be turned off and stop his games. If he was looking for a friend, he was aiming for too homely with him.

Amber rolled her eyes while rolling her window to throw her gum out “You’re so obvious, why didn’t you just roll around in dog shit to bring your outfit all together.”

Ashton twisted his nose “I’m not trying to impress anyone.”


They pulled into a parking space in front of Brad’s apartment complex, and he followed Amber up to the boys door. Brad Opened the door laughing as Ashton walked in “What happened to you?”

“He’s trying to be unimpressive,” Amber says

Amber follows Brad into his room, the door closed and he stood alone, feeling out of place.

He sat in the recliner closest to the door sliding off his shoes. Their apartment was appealing than typical boys apartment. The walls were covered with half-naked models and street signs, but other than that it was clean, the furniture was new, and the smell of old beer and dirty laundry was non-existent.

“It’s about time you showed up,” Luke said, collapsing on the couch.

He smiled while pushing his glasses up his nose, waiting for him to recoil at his appearance “Amber had to finish up a paper.”

“Speaking of papers, have you started the one for history?”

He had not batted an eyes at his messy hair, and he frowned at his reaction “Have you?”

“I finished it..this afternoon”

“It’s not due until wednesday,” He said, surprised.

“I just plugged it out. How hard can a two-paged essay on Grant be?”

“I’m a pusher offer, I guess” He shrugged “I might not even start on it until this weekend”

“Well, if you need help, just ask”

Ashton waited for Luke to laugh, or show any sign that he was joking, but his expression was sincere and honest. Ashton raised an eyebrow. “You’re gonna help me with my paper?”

“I have an A in that class,” He said, a bit miffed by Ashton’s disbelief.

“He has As in all of his classes. He’s a freaking genius. I hate him,” Brad said as he lead Amber into the room by the hand.

Ashton watched Luke with a dubious expression and Luke’s eyebrow shot up. “What? You don’t think a guy with a punk look, that trades punches for a living can’t get the good grades? I’m not just here in school because I have nothing better to do”

“Why fight at all, then? Why didn’t you try for scholarships?” He asked.

“I did. I was awarded half my tuition. But there are books, living expenses, and I gotta come up with the other half somehow. I’m serious, if you need help with anything, just ask.”

“I don’t need you help. I can write a paper” Ashton had just wanted to leave it at that. Well he should have left it at that, but a new side of Luke was gnawing at Ashton’s curiosity. “You can’t find something else to do for a living? Less-- I don’t know-- Sadistic?”

Luke just shrugged “It’s an easier way to make a buck. I can’t make all that much just working anywhere”“I wouldn’t say it is easier if you’re getting hit in the face”

“What? You’re worried about me?” He winked and Ashton made a face making Luke chuckle “ I don’t get hit that often actually. If they swing I just moe. It’s pretty simple”

He laughed once “You act as if no one else knew that.”

“When I throw a punch, they take it and try to reciprocate it. That won’t win fights”

Ashton rolled his eyes “What are you, the Karate Kid? Where did you learn to fight?”

Brad and Amber glanced at each other, and then their eyes began to wonder to the ground, it didn't take that long for Ashton to recognize he had said something wrong and he looked back at Luke.

Luke didn’t seem affected “I had a father with a drinking problem and along with a bad temper, and four older brothers that carried the asshole gene.”

“Oh” Ashton’s ears smoldered.

“Don't be embarrassed, Pidge. Dad quit drinking, my brothers grew up.”

“I’m not embarrassed” He fidgeted with the strands of his curly hair that was falling into his face, he pushed them up, trying to ignore the awkward silence.

“I like the whole au naturel thing you have going on. None of the boys or girls come over like that”

“I was coerced into coming here. It didn’t occur to me to impress you, he said, angry that his plan had not worked.

Then Luke smiled his boyish, amused grin, and Ashton frowned turning his anger up another notch, hoping it would cover up his discomfort. He didn’t know how most people felt around him, but he has seen how they behave around him.

He was experiencing a nauseated, disoriented feeling than a giggly infatuation, and the harder Luke tried to make him smile, the more unsettled he felt. “I’m already impressed. I don’t normally have to beg girls or boys to come to my apartment.”

“I’m sure,” he said, screwing his nose in disgust.

He was the worst kind of confident. He was not only shamelessly aware of his appeal, he was so used to people throwing themselves at him that he took Ashton’s cool demeanor refreshing instead of an insult. He would have to change his strategy. Amber pointed the remote at the TV and switched it on “Maybe there is a good movie on tonight”

Luke stood up “I was just heading out to get something to eat. You hungry, Ash?”

“Already ate” he shrugged.

“No you didn’t” Amber said, realizing her mistake “Oh that’s right you grabbed a sub before we left”

Ashton frowned at the terrible attempt to fix her mistake, and looked at Luke for his reaction. He walked across the room then opened the door. “You gotta be hungry, Ash”

“Where are we going?”

“..Where ever you want. We could hit up a pizza place.”

Ashton frowned looking down at his clothes. “I’m not really dressed to go out”

Luke looked back at Ashton for a moment and grinned “You look fine. Let’s go I’m starving”

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