Wicked love

digt/sang om to utilpassede individer der finder hinanden i en verden hvor de ikke hører til


1. Wicked love

once upon a time

there was a wicked girl

she couldn’t help herself

she fell in love with the world

and everyone sang about

that no one loved this girl                                              


but then there was this boy

who never said a thing

no one ever heard him speak

or even sing

but they should have known

that he had always loved this girl


he was just a boy

in a wicked world

and his heart made him

fall in love with the wicked girl


the girl left the town

on a grey autumn day

she packed all her stuff

and whispered a pray:

that in this world she’d find someone

who’d love her as she was


he was just a boy

in a wicked world

and he would travel anywhere

to find the wicked girl


when he finally found her

it was already spring

he spent all his money

and bought her a ring

and suddenly everyone

heard the boy sing:


I’m a wicked boy

in this fucking world

I’m just as wicked as you are

I love you wicked girl


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