Cassiopeia Waters

Cassi Waters is in love with all things space. She was even named after a constellation. When she transfers to Hogwarts from Beauxbaton she meets a boy named after the brightest star in the galaxy and instantly falls in love but doesn't show it. Go on this epic journey with Cassi, Sirius, Lily, James, Remus, peter, and harry


Author's note

I do not own any of these characters except Cassi and her brother Leo

1. Pov Harry

He sits in a chair his raven hair untidy and his glasses falling off his face. In his hands is a picture of a girl with red hair a boy with black hair a girl with dirty blond hair and his godfather Sirius. His smile radiating with his arm on the dirty blond haired girls waist. Who is this Harry asks? Oh that is Cassi Sirius says my one and only true love. This girl looks like professor Waters. That's because it is my dear Harry. She is so beautiful. That she is Harry still is and not afraid to say it out loud Sirius said this with a chuckle. Where is she now haven't seen her in a year. I do not know she doesn't really give warning before she leaves on a trip. Probably seeing her older brother Leo in France he got hurt. He is a death eater did you know that Harry but she still cares about him. Hey Sirius? Yes? Can you tell me the story of how you and professor Waters met? Sure Harry 

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