Roselyn Parker

"How do you know this Nathanial?" I whisper, already knowing the answer. He closed the space between us and rested his forehead against mine.
"Because you are my rose Roselyn Parker. Because I would fight a war because I love you so much. Its always been you my beautiful Rose and it always will be, for eternity."
She's part of a curse that took place centuries ago set upon by Lucifer himself. When a party gone wrong results in her having a court sentence and being sent to 'Ever Wood' boarding school, she unravels the 'Angel's War' mystery. With the visions of another life and the boy who's so familiar but she doesn't know why, Roselyn Parker is in for a wild ride.


Author's note

For fans of The Fallen!!

8. Truth & Trust

Truth and Trust


"I swear  wont tell a soul Roselyn. It'll be like I never even read about your flash back visions or hallucinations. I'm so sorry, I feel terrible. I was bored and I didn't have anything to do I.."

"Sandra! Stop ranting, it's fine." I chuckle, gripping her flying hands.

"No it isn't." She pouts, slumping her shoulders.

"I trust that this secret wont leave my bedroom." I smile.

"I'm so glad you aren't kicking me out or screaming at me. You're my first friend in over 3 years!" Sandra laughs despairingly as she pulls me into a hug.

We sit and talk for ages until the stars pop out and Mr Harrison is ringing the bell to signify lights out. Sandra scurries out after giving me a hug and then I quickly change into my oversized tee-shirt and fabric shorts. After taking my make up off, throwing my hair into a pony tail and turning my radiator on, I jump into bed. My eyes begin to feel heavy and then I fall into a silent sleep.


I wake up at 6'oclock and drag my feet reluctantly out of bed. The sun hadn't risen yet and the moon was a light shape n the sky. A few birds had already began to sing their song and there was a light breeze in the air. As I make my way to my little ensuite I rub the tiredness out of my eyes. After washing my face and brushing my teeth I change into a pair of black skinny jeans, white converse and then a white oversized hoodie with the words 'Anti-social' written in black on the right breast. I throw my hair into a top knot and shove my hood up, snuggling my hands into the sleeves. My eyes were still itchy from yesterday so I keep my big nerdy glasses on and only apply lip balm on. After grabbing my books I leave my room, holding them close to my chest.

"Roselyn!" A familiar voice calls as I enter the dinning hall. Sandra was smiling and beckoning me to come and sit with her at a little table by the window. Mentally I thank the Gods I have a friend to eat breakfast with- Yesterday I looked like a loner.

"Hey Sandy." I smile as I dump my books on the table and take my place opposite her on the bench. I pull my knees up and hug myself in an attempt to get the coldness from my bones.

"Tired?" She teases.

"Very...And blooming cold. Why is the heating off?" I moan.

"It's never on in March...Wanna cuppa tea?" Sandra smiles as she begins to stand up.

"Lots of sugar!" I grin like a little kid. She chuckles and then makes her way to the drinks section of the hall. I'm about to check my schedule when Lucas waddles over.

"Morning Roselyn." He says casually as he slumps into Sandra's seat.

"Hello Lucas." I reply boredly as I busy myself with sorting my folders. I feel his eyes on me so I snap my head up and scowl at him.

"What do you want nimrod?" I snap fustraitedly.

"Don't get moody with me sunshine" He chuckles condescendingly, "I just wanted to know how on Earth you knew where the old ball room was. Seriously no one even knew that place existed."

My cheeks heat up and my eyes dart manically in search for Sandra.

"You know I don't have to explain myself to you Mr White.... Raven will you please get him away before I scream."  I ask politely, sarcasm dripping from my voice, as I turn around to face where she sat. On her table was Nathanial, three other boys and two other girls. They all looked at me shocked and in awe which made me cringe.

"Lucas stay away." Raven snaps angrily. He rolls his eyes dramatically and drags himself up with reluctantcy of a seven year old not getting his own way.

"Till next time Roselyn Parker...Till next time." And with that he swaggers over to Raven's table where he gets an angry telling off. Why was Raven and Nathanial treating me like I was their responsibility? I barely knew them for Christ sake! I shake the unnerving feeling and smile as Sandra joined me again.

"What was that about?" She sniggers as he places the steaming cup of tea in front of me.

"Not a freaking clue." I reply sarcastically as I grip the cup in my feminine hands. Sandra laughs and then hands me biscuits. My eyes light up as I start to waft them down.

"I missed lunch and dinner yesterday, having only an apple to stable my needs. Keep your judgemental eyes away." I snap playfully as I steal one of Sandra's cookies.

"Seriously! No wonder why your so skinny!" She teases, shoving the rest of her cookies my way. I wink and start to shovel the food into my mouth.


"Can anyone tell me who Kenna Cerberus was?" Miss Anne asks as she walks around the room, looking over everyone's shoulder. I sat in the arm chair again, cross legged and contemplating answering the question. Sandra gives me a you-know-the-answer-now-answer-it look which makes me smile. Anxiously I raise my hand. Miss Anne smiles when she sees me whereas Raven, Lucas, Nathanial and their little minions look utterly alarmed.

"Kenna was the product of a demon and an angel after they fell in love and, well, did the deed" I begin. Lucas sniggers at me cringing after explaining they had sex," Anyway. The baby, Kenna, was dumped at a human orphanage where she grew up. She was a hybrid of great power. When she died she casted a spell that transferred her power into another girl. The girl was supposed to be the one the Angel war was about."

"Very good Roselyn." Miss Anne smiles. I blush when I realise everyone was staring at me. Why were they so surprised I knew that?

"Not many people know that story as it isn't told or taught. Kenna was though to be evil and a female version of Lucifer when really she was just misunderstood. The day she died was the day she found peace. The Angel War is taught in 100s of schools yet Kenna is never mentioned. Without her the girl would never have met the boy and the Angel War would never have started."

"So the war was Kenna's fault?" Sandra asks confusedly.

"Depends how you look at things Sandra. On one hand you have to argue that with out Kenna the girl wouldn't have met the boy and so the war wouldn't have started. On the other hand you have to weigh in the fact that fate could have played a role. What is the girl and boy in question were meant to find each other? What if they were each others destinies?" Miss Anne replies with a passionate voice. I gripped my book tighter, clinging to her every word.

"And with that class, it's time to pack up. You guys have sports!" She chuckles with enthusiasm as we all groan at the thought. Trust me to join the school the week they have sports day. Sandra and I give each other a reluctant moody glare as we stand up and reluctantly walk out the library. I had ten minutes until I'd have to run laps and throw things.

"Meet back here in ten." Sandra grumbles as she vanishes into her room. I smirk and find my way to the little dark oak door that held the metal spiral stair case towards my bedroom. I quickly change into black sports leggings, white adidas runners and a white sports bra, throwing a thin baggy grey sweater on top. My hair was in desperate need of washing so I do two quick Dutch braids as I make my way down to Sandra.

"Ready to die?" She asks brightly, sarcasm dripping from her voice.

"Born ready!" I reply just as sickly as she did. We both erupt in laughter at how fake we were being and then make our way to the field. It was a large patch of grass with white marking to create running lanes. I stare at them intimidatingly until an annoyingly familiar voice interrupts my thoughts.

"The harder you stare the more scared the field is becoming." Lucas whispers in my ear sarcastically. I slap him hard on the arm and roll my eyes when he starts acting like I stabbed him with a blunt knife. He's about to respond when Mr Challands, the fencing coach, interrupts. The 100 or so of us all group around him with a great deal of reluctantcy.

"Alright, listen up. I'll split you into three groups. Group one is running, group two is fencing and group three is fighting." He begins as he starts numbering us 1 to 3. I groan when I'm picked for number three. Moodily I sashay over to where a load of red mats have been layed out. I stand alone for a while until Raven gives my shoulder a light shove.

"Hey stranger." I smile.

"Yeah sorry about that... I have been a pretty big bitch haven't I?" She chuckles nervously.

"Just a fraction." I smirk.

"If I help you fight, forgive me?" Raven grins playfully.



It turned out I didn't need help fighting at all; In fact I was a natural. Every punch someone threw at me I was quick to dodge and make them suffer a deadly blow. Raven cheered me on as I took down a boy called Fredrick who was twice my size. It was crazy how comfortable I felt fighting. My mind went blank and every blow I produced was like a well rehearsed dance.

"Alright, lets not get to cocky" Mrs Green, the head PE teacher, chuckles as I parade around the mats sarcastically, "Nathanial come fight the victor."

My heart jumps at his name. He reluctantly waltzed onto the mats and rolled his shoulders back. Nathanial had black board shorts on with a thin white tank top on. His muscular biceps were shown off and his wash board abs were shown off completely as his shirt was see-through and sticking to him with sweat. Mrs Green's whistle brings me out my trance and I start circling him.

I feel my eyes glaze over in a white shine as I jab my fist at Nathanial. He's able to block a few but a few of my more powerful ones catch him off guard. A crowed gathers and watches are fight as we throw kicks and punches viciously at each other. Nathanial's eyes are covered in a white gloss, his bright blue eyes still glowing though. It was crazy because it felt like we'd done this before. A wave of deja vu washes over me as Nathanial purposefully misses a punch to my head.

Something inside me snaps and I stand completely still. It was like a short film was running through my mind and my eyes were the projectors. The sound of a nasty screaming match echoes through my ears as visions of a girl in leather pants and a white blouse appear in my mind. She had a sword in her waist sling and two daggers on either side of her thighs. The girl looked fuming as a blonde haired boy shouts commands at her. A burst of bright white light appears and I'm snapped out of my trance.


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