Roselyn Parker

"How do you know this Nathanial?" I whisper, already knowing the answer. He closed the space between us and rested his forehead against mine.
"Because you are my rose Roselyn Parker. Because I would fight a war because I love you so much. Its always been you my beautiful Rose and it always will be, for eternity."
She's part of a curse that took place centuries ago set upon by Lucifer himself. When a party gone wrong results in her having a court sentence and being sent to 'Ever Wood' boarding school, she unravels the 'Angel's War' mystery. With the visions of another life and the boy who's so familiar but she doesn't know why, Roselyn Parker is in for a wild ride.


Author's note

For fans of The Fallen!!

4. The Angel War

The Angel War


I wake up to a cold chill seeping though my pen window. Moodily I shut the window and wash my face in my little ensuite. Yesterday Mr Harrison agreed I didn't have to go to lessons but today I had to join everyone else. I drag a brush through my dark auburn hair and decide to do a French braid into a high top not. I throw on a grey knitted jumper dress that had a chunky turtle neck and baggy sleeves. It reached my knees and I added black thin tights and my combat boots. For make up I kept it light because realistically I had no one to impress. My eyes felt itchy so I decided to ditch contacts and go with my big nerdy glasses. Since I was 5 I had to wear glasses and personally I loved them.

At 7 o'clock I make my way down stairs, clinging my books to my chest. My skinny legs pulled me around as if they already knew he way with out having to think about it. After a few minutes I was siting by a window, alone, eating some yucky porridge. It stared back at me intimidatingly and I had to resist the urge to gag. Honestly it looked like vomit. In the end I push it away from me and munch on an apple while I read my schedule. I had History, Religion, Geography and fencing. Today's lessons will suck. My head snaps up when I feel people staring at me. Raven, Lucas and two other people are staring at me while whispering secretively. I blush crimson when they realise I see them talking about me. Quickly I scramble my things together and walk out. With out giving it a second thought I chuck my apple core into a bin which was at least fifty metres away from me. Luckily it went in with out even heating the sides.

I run to the bath room and dump my books on the floor while I grip the sink for support. My breath catches my throat and my hands begin to shake. The blinds to the open windows of the bathroom start to flap vigorously while the lights begin to flicker  rapidly. My heart hammers against my chest and I feel my head throb. I'm brought out of my trance when a toilet cubical open to reveal a girl with short blonde hair smiling cautiously at me.

"I'm not gonna ask what that was but are you okay?" She smiles, grabbing my arm to steady my unstable body.

"I'm yeah I'm fine." I stutter baffled as I place a hand on my burning forehead.

"I'm Sandra." The blue eyed girl says as she sticks out a hand.

"Roselyn." I smile, shaking her hand. I grab my books and walk out the bathroom, chatting to Sandra.

"What's your next lesson?" Sandra asks as we join the swarm of busy people.

"History, Miss Anne?"

"Ah same! We'll walk together." She chuckles, dragging me out of the way of some sporty boys running about. Sandra and I walk down a dark corridor leading towards a cosy library. The walls were covered from floor to ceiling in books and there was three oak tables and then a few arm chairs surrounding a fire place. There was a spiral staircase leading up to another level of books and arm chairs and there was big windows draped in heavy floor length curtains. Raven and that lot was already there chatting secretively to a tall aged woman with white hair and red lip stick.

"Ah Roselyn Parker! I'm Miss Anne and I'll be your History, Religion and Geography teacher." The posh woman smiles, sticking out a well manicured hand.

"Hello." I respond timidly, shaking her hand.

"Please take a seat, anywhere you like."

I sit on an arm chair, crossing my legs and resting my books on the coffee table in front of me. A blonde haired boy with familiar hazel brown eyes scribbles vigorously in his sketch book with charcoal pencils. I was instantly intrigued. When Miss Anne began the lesson, I clung to every word she said.

"Okay so can anyone tell me about the Angel war?" She starts.

"It was bull shit." Lucas mumbles and instantly gets scolded by surrounding people.

"No it's okay Mr White is entitled to his opinion... So the Angel war was between, obviously, the Angels. It started when an Angel fell for a human girl in the 16th century. When Angel Gabriel found out he was forgiving but Lucifer was quick to judge as the girl in question was phenomenally beautiful and powerful. The girl had angel powers in her veins but had unknown ties to the Devil. Out of anger Lucifer cursed their love, making it impossible for them to be together." As Miss Anne spoke her eyes lingered on the sketch pad boy, who was still totally involved in drawing, and Raven's little crew.

"What happened to them?" I speak up. Everyone's eyes widen as they stare at me in surprise.

"Well Roselyn, it's said that the girl keeps getting reincarnate every time she turns 17 after meeting her lover and sharing a kiss."

"So she dies when she turns 17 just because she kisses the man she loves?" I ask in surprise. Miss Anne nods and my jaw literally drops.

"That pathetic. Surely there's a loop hole."

"Pretty sure after what, 5 centuries? That they'd have found one by now." Lucas scoffs.

"Maybe their looking at it the wrong way." I argue back, repositioning myself so I was facing Lucas and glaring at him.

"Again 5 centuries Rosie. They'd have found the loop hole." Raven backs up.

"It's called having hope and faith." I snap with a sarcastic laugh, "I mean if we don't believe in them having a chance, how will they?" The sketch book boy looks up at Lucas and Raven and raises his eye brows with a smug smile. I huff and then siting back down, cross legged in my chair. Sandra gives me a discrete thumbs up and wide grin with makes me snigger.

"Valid points Roselyn." Miss Anne smiles and then starts to hand out ancient French books.

"Can some on please tell me what 'Dans chaque ange un demon se cache et dans chaque demon un ange advance.' means?" She asks after everyone eventually gets given a book.

"In each Angel a Demon hides and in each Demon an Angel strides." I whisper to myself as I stroke the decaying spine of the thick short book.

"Ah Roselyn you speak French?" Miss Anne asks with a surprised smile.

"What? No! It was just a guess." I blush, cursing myself for voicing my thoughts.

"Good guess." Lucas mumbles sarcastically.

"Get a grip nimrod." I snap. Raven scoffs and starts to chuckle to her self while Lucas growls in frustration. I roll my eyes and start to wonder my eyes around the walls. My eyes start to flutter and new visions flash before my eyes.

This time it was of a girl siting in an arm chair in front of a roaring fire reading a French book while a man sat beside her; He gazed lovingly at her with a broad smile. The sound of wood crackling and pages turning filled my ears with a mix of mumbles and light laughs. I grip the arm chair I'm sat on to stable myself as I slowly bring myself out of the trance. Sandra looks at me, trying to hide her concern and shock, while she distracts the teacher from looking my way. Quickly I regain myself and cough to signal I'm okay. I blink a few times and roll my shoulders back. The visions use to be one offs back home but since being here they've became stronger and more frequent. The feeling of familiarity is overwhelming and everything and everyone I see I believe I've seen before. The sketch book boy stares at me quizzically and then starts rapidly moving his pencil against the paper.

"Okay everyone, good lesson. Please don't be late to lesson and have a good day." Miss Anne smiles as we all begin to pack our stuff up. Sandra and I walked out together, towards the next lesson.

*Hope you enjoyed the first two chapters! I'm really enjoying writing this and yes inspiration was taken from the film and book 'Fallen'!

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