Roselyn Parker

"How do you know this Nathanial?" I whisper, already knowing the answer. He closed the space between us and rested his forehead against mine.
"Because you are my rose Roselyn Parker. Because I would fight a war because I love you so much. Its always been you my beautiful Rose and it always will be, for eternity."
She's part of a curse that took place centuries ago set upon by Lucifer himself. When a party gone wrong results in her having a court sentence and being sent to 'Ever Wood' boarding school, she unravels the 'Angel's War' mystery. With the visions of another life and the boy who's so familiar but she doesn't know why, Roselyn Parker is in for a wild ride.


Author's note

For fans of The Fallen!!

12. She isn't mad!

-She isn't mad!-

My hands shake violently as I swallow the pills my new therapist has prescribed me. They told me after I blacked out I went clinically mad for three whole days before they had to start sedating me regularly to stop me lashing out. They told me that my dreams were becoming real. They t9old me Nathanial wasn't the boy in my visions. They told me I was mad.

"Roselyn?" A timid voice speaks up as my bedroom door creaks open.

When I look up Sandra is smiling sadly at me with huge bags under her teary eyes. Her clothes were creased and torn and she had mascara smeared under her eyes. I smile as I beckon her to sit down beside me. The teachers have kept me basically quarantined since my episode and today I'd begged to have Sandra visit me.

"I've really missed you Sandy." I whisper tearfully as I hold her tightly.

After a few sniffs she replies with, "I missed you too Rosie."

"Why are you crying?" I chuckle as I use my thumb to brush the tears from her face which causes her to chuckle as well.

"Everything has gone tits up Rose. Lucas and Nathanial keep getting into heated and violent fights and Raven is lashing out too. Miss Anne looks awful and no one, and I mean no one, speaks to each other anymore. It's like you were the one thing that gave them all a new life and now you're gone they've all shrivelled back into themselves. It's been so lonely Roselyn" Sandra sobs.

"Oh Sandra." I sigh as I pull her, yet again, into my arms.

For at least an hour we just lie there, holding each other. occasionally one of us would let a sob escape our lips but other than that we cried in total silence. Mr Harrison is the one that breaks us up and as soon as Sandra is out the door, I ask to start back up normally again. At first he's very unsure and completely against the idea but when I tell him about how bad Sandra had been, he soon comes around.

We are going to be okay again, I tell myself over and over again as I take my first hot shower in days.


I wake up feeling a whole lot better than previous mornings. Today seemed full of possibilities and as long as I didn't think about Nathanial or Raven, I knew I was going to be okay. I change into dark denim skinny jeans with feathered rips at the knees and a lose white crop top. My feet submerge into original timberlands and I leave my hair in its wavy natural brown state. My eyes weren't itching me anymore so I put my contacts in and do a light dewy make up look. At seven o'clock I'm putting my Pandora charm bracelet and pendent on, grabbing my hand bag and leaving my room.

"Good morning Sandra!" I beam as I plonk myself opposite her on our own little breakfast table. Her jaw drops open, exposing the mushed up corn flakes and milk in her mouth, and her eyes go the size of saucers.

"Oh my life Roselyn!" She squeals, quickly swallowing her food, "I thought you were never coming back!"

"Sorry but you're stuck with me, forever and always." I laugh as we reach over the little brown table and hug.

Sandra fills me in on all the missed homework and lessons while I quickly eat a pain du chocolate. We both keep smiling as we talk and when the bell goes to signify end of breakfast and start of Period One, we leap up and walk ourselves to Miss Anne's class. 

As we turn the corner we see a cluster of students all surrounding something. Curiously we push ourselves to the front to be met with a horrific scene. Nathanial was slamming his fists into Lucas's face who lay helpless on the floor.

"NATHANIAL!" I scream as I run to him. I grip him by his broad shoulders and attempt to pull him off but he was too strong.

I scream his name one last time and finally grab his attention. His eyes are pure gold as he locks his stare onto mine and dismissively stand up off of Lucas's beaten body. Raven drags him away while Sandra and a girl called Freya start to shoe everyone away.

Nathanial and I don't move a muscle. We just lock onto each other's eyes, refusing to be the first to blink. It was like time had stood still and only him and I were alive. It was the perfect epiphany.


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